Things To Know About Toyota Raize Are About To Debut In Vietnam

Toyota Vietnam (TMV) has just confirmed information about the small sized Urban SUV model Toyota Raize is about to be released 09: 00/3: 22 South-Video close-up Toyota Raize at the agent before debuting. Source: XT Auto.00: 00/12: 52 In Japan, Toyota Raize has been warmly received and quickly became the top selling SUV model. In the first half of 2020, Raize has the highest sales in the Japanese market. This model sold more than 120 thousand vehicles and held the second place in the list of the best-selling models in 2020

. In the first half of 2021, Raize continued to be honored to be in this list in the flower country cherry.Toyota Raize.Name Raize originates from the combination of the two words "Rise" - "Reaching" and "Raise" - "initiated" shows the desire to create a compact suid model - young medium, multi-purpose and easy to operate in accordance with the dynamic lifestyle, the personality of young people
The design of Toyota Raize is designed in a 'strong style

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