Things To Know When Cleaning Winding Motor Motor At Home

Air-fired engine in cars is a special type of spare parts that need to be maintained and hygienic periodically 9: 00/1: 19 male winding wind engine is one of the very important details of Too . But over the time of use, pollution of wind filtering environment will be dirty to the phenomenon of reduced capacity, heating or more fuel consumption. When cleaning the air engine, what does the automotive motor to note, how do automotive wind filter hygiene process takes place? Determination of winding motor filtering automobile wind motor is usually located right after the grid Radiators, rear the suction of the engine. Wind filter is usually placed in a protective box that is designed in square or round, depending on each model. The wind engine winds are usually located right after the grille, rear the suction of the engine

. Remove the protective box with a simple design, can be removed by hand or with a flag. After opening the protector box, be cleverly grabbed the wind filter. Definition of air filtration after removing the wind filter from the protection box, use the spray to clean the dirt on the wind filter Inside out, from top to bottom
Note, do not use water or any cleaning chemicals to clean wind filters. Absolutely do not use brushes or sharp things to clean dirt layers on wind filters to avoid torn membranes. The windy winds are in the original position after using a soft dry towel cleaning the dirt and clinging inside the protective box , the driver conducted installation of wind filters into the protective box, tightening the nuts of the security box. By Thu Ha, 6 hours ago

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