Think About The Sentence: In Poetry

Someone said or myself think, do not remember anymore, that image of poetry like kites flying overhead, but must always be connected to the original underground pole plug. If the wire is broken, the kite will fall, or fly away to nowhere then also falling only. That's what real root specifics the.Noi to detail is said to observe. In "Options dialog for the Test", Vienna Mai (Qing) spent a lot of pages / line for entries in poetry observations

. He has led many interesting verse, demonstrating the ability to observe subtle and the ability to use these observations to create impression of the ancient poetry. To cite a few sentences can remember (just translated, or summarized poem to avoid long lines): Poetry of Wei Yingwu Tang scenes of desolate of wharf copper (not dock in the river, the wharf copper water does not flow, only small waves and wind: - Note words: self): Nature of inhuman, self raging cycle (Bronze no guests, boat horizontal rotation) But when specific observations as draw immediate scene: Paint as per set or full duplex manner remote kienLo anhydrous architecture (Looking through the bars, like the vase steep mountain. Enjoy the architectural past, the road like snake) or sometimes more abstract , but the more accurate and sophisticated: Justice disgusting dance style flower unique due time dangVi algae chlorophyll flavor (looks like rain, wind also thoiChua to the flowers and leaves have aromatic) the real scope to the extent that poets do 30 poems moon 30 nights a month, night out the night, just differences in magnitude, shape, light
.. just evokes different emotions from large associations and unexpected ( like the "new moons younger leaves, leaf spinach two ..." my, n mania is all quatrains full and fuller). Must have an ability to observe financial sophistication and technical mastery do nay.Hinh very new poetry subjects like kites flying overhead, but must always be connected with the original stake under dat.Nhung plug guide such evidence can be found in many poets in the world. Please mention one person: X
Exenhin. Exenhin are advocates of picture. Images flooded his poems and thus, as mentioned above, also filled with details. His poetry is a continuous hook specifics with the abstract and vice versa. In the poem "The dog," the poet said: When I was young, in his hometown, he was in love with a neighbor and often by a dog as the postman. A failed love affair, he went and how years later returned home, inside also pay back old memories, a small dog bucket out to meet him and he realized immediately it was the dog days of old by color pale hair was less familiar but the law of heredity and variation of nature. Verses which are very rich in words, considerate concise, when translated've struggled to put into one line: Son's it, coat color used has nhatChi with some little "color used was a light" verse has the hook is how the relationship between the temporal and the eternal, the immutable and the variability, the rope just as thin throughout infinite durable medium called time ... From a superficial damage has opened a rich inner world and accuracy. And to this sense of the poet, the result is genius: this pain and I seem to be observing young laiGoi well which is also called contemplation. In modern poetry Vietnam, local trends detailed in poetry is also very developed, even to massively. May be due to the concept somewhat machinery functional reflect the reality of literature, or by the fact of life throughout the decades too cluttered and very forceful shaking, so the poet was very proud reporter to overrun on the poetry page everything about life, not about people's lack of a land, an age, a profession, a job ... in the real world. Detailed real abuses that led to the disease as naturalistic, detailed unselective, atypical, without great effort and suggestive ... venture and turn into a kind of poetic prose that rhyme level sometimes bordering chi.Nhung newspaper only, this is just the product of a time and many also mentioned. More useful employment as "unto the coast in" to keep what remains valid today - and if there is to the future, the better. Also have offered some evidence of this, and of course also very customizable tien.Mot of the most successful poet in giving details on the poet Huu Thinh, with the epic "Road to the city", such term sentences describing loneliness, the sadness of his wife away from her husband painful: - alone a comNgoi party platter also misaligned. . .- Sister so she was missing him a weight excess anniversary, the External plaited internal relatives Twenty years my sister because their boat was wrecked dayCu afraid beauty! It is these details helps people write few words that say how things .Hinh following image in the poem "the people who go to sea" by Thanh Thao, to describe the moment the artist suddenly shot down: Hand slowly letting go after the boat coconut nuocDang simple movements, the surface outside very light, very softly, very slowly ... contains a huge attack scenario, a moment full of mutants, a weight of thousands

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