This 2-seater Car Will Cause A Long Motorbike

The 2-seater cars carrying Japanese brands only have a horizontal price with a motorbike price of SH.02: 00/1: 17Tot Toyota has introduced 2-seater cars that follow extremely optimal experts for Moving. Japanese car set for a short name for a 2-seater car is Toyota IQ. With a short life but optimizing seats for 2 people, Toyota IQ is very attractive to urban people due to Easy to rotate, requires very small parking. Even if the rear luggage compartment is necessary, it is possible to carry 1 person

. Under the roof cap is a 1.0-liter engine, 3 machines but produce 67 horsepower, 5-speed automatic transmission, with the ability to reach Maximum speed to 180 kmh. Gasoline consumption is only about 4
9 liters for 100 km. Safety level, Toyota IQ has 9 airbags that protect the head before and after, on the side, protect the knees for the driver and the person sitting next. Other standards of standards include the vehicle stability control system, controlling sugar grip, anti-lock braking, braking support and electronic brake force distribution. This car has sold tens of thousands of ones around the world. In Japan, Toyota IQ price of gasoline costs only over 11,000 USD, equivalent to 260 million dong. In use only 1,000 USD, equivalent to VND 23 million.Toyota IQ also has additional electric cars but yes Price to 45,000 USD.

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