This Day In The Past: Psg First Enter The Champions League Final

This day 1 year ago, PSG easily defeated Leipzig 3-0 for the first time in history to win the final game of Champions League.0: 00/1: 17 namsau domain when defeating Atalanta according to the script Unbelievably, PSG was confident in the 2019/2020 Champions League semi-final against Leipzig opponents. With quality players, representatives of France are higher than this day a year ago, PSG easily to defeat Leipzig 3-0 to first in the Champions League final. (Photo: Getty). Movie 13, PSG has an opening table

. Sticking from the free kick Neymar brought back, Di Maria turned the ball to the Marquino Meeting to make a situation where he turned on highly heading the ball tossing Leipzig.Pranking Clip: Kplus Sports to 42 minutes, Neymar The shadow with delicate heels facilitates Di Maria to take a doubling spot with PSG. The 3-0 bold victory was assigned to the French-rich team in the 56th minute when Juan Bernat headed for a head Beat goalkeeper Gulacsi after Di Maria's pass
LEIPZIG 3-0 defeat, PSG into the Champions League final 2019/2020 met Bayern Munich. The team coming from the city of Paris was unable to cast the championship when defeat 0-1 against the club from Germany.Sang season 2020/2021, PSG continues to unable to win when stopping the last semi-finals with work Losing the first 1-4 before Man City./.Pv/

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