This Designer Creates Useless Products, But Does Not Expect Too Many People To Own Them

Matty Benedetto claims his mission to design, create and sell inventions to solve problems that we don't even know that I am encountered. Curtains. Used in case the sun is too harsh and a glasses are not enough. And having a specially designed curtain will help the length of life longevity, and help the employer religion unique style. A back cover helps block "shop" and "reel" tabs on Instagram

. It's red, handy, practical and covered part of your phone screen so you can easily fight every temptation. The device cover smoke sensor. This device will deflect the smoke with a fan Integrated, push smoke far away
Weight useless but it is quite reasonable if you need to bake and roast your food at home without wanting a fire alarm device.Grip Book Pro, a device with your hand to hold your laptop. It comes with a gold chain, making it look more luxurious, while allowing you to wear on the role. Selfie mirror device, helps create Selfie photos with great mirrors in places without mirrors. This is a great device that allows you to record videos of any concert without holding smartphones on hand tiredly. If you have been worried about your stolen socks (or lost ), the use of Apple's Airtag technology is integrated into all is the perfect answer. These sunglasses have dedicated arms to integrate with Airpods, allowing you to listen some Great tone while avoiding the summer sun. The finger-shaped figure made of silicon, very suitable for use whenever you don't want to slip your fingers into the hair, but your hair needs styling - what The type that only fingers can be done. You don't need to bend down to take off. This device has 2 keys for easy clamps and holds anything, completely handsfree
icooker, the stream of pot and ultra-small pan can cook on a hot charger of the laptop. Jeans with bags After super wide, allow to let everything you want and bring anywhere. Shutter for zooming meetings, giving you a little private in online meetings. Stringside

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