This Is Why The Weekend At Home Still Apply Sunscreen

Don't think only when going out to apply sunscreen. At home, please use the sunscreen as usual: 00: 00/2: 03 South Many people still keep thinking that only when going out of the road, direct contact with the sunlight needs to apply sunscreen. But at home, you should still take a step of sunscreen as usually by the following reasons. Do stay at home still apply sunscreen in the skin house to be exposed to green light, in your home. Exposure with green light from computers and phones

. This is an agent that causes the skin of aging, the dead cells produce more, the skin is dry, lumpy, lesions from within. Long-term skin will dull and lose your natural smooth looks. Therefore, when we sit in the house where light is shining as the main door, the window, the road surface will also indirectly affect the besides even indoor lights like computer screen lights, lights, Fluorescent lights also have the existence of UV rays
So, if you get into contact with these UV light lights, you still have some skin diseases such as erythema, skin cancer, dry skin pigmentation ... so no matter whether to work at home or not come out In addition to the weekend, you should still apply sunscreen as usual. In addition to sunscreen In addition to harmful UV-resistant effects, it helps to fight other harmful agents such as dust, heat radiation and green light. Choose suitable sunscreen when staying at home to protect the skin, you should choose Sunscreen index suitable for skin and contact environment. When you go to work or go out, you should use the sunscreen with a high SPF index while working in a non-sunshine environment directly requires a lower SPF product. Choose a suitable quality cream for skin, type Leather (oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin ..
). Ice cream rules are prioritizing areas of direct contact with sunlight. You can use body sunscreen to apply to both legs, hands. If you are having skin problems like acne, urticaria should not use sunscreen. Should wait for acne and consult a doctor about the appropriate sunscreen.Moon (synthesis)

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