This Mercedes-amg Gt Black Series Supercar Has The Most Beautiful Price

Compared to the numbers of 575,000 to nearly $ 900,000, the price of Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series only $ 473,000 of an agent in Germany has had many orders to be brought home by domestic companies. Being storming in the market The speed car must include the "wars" like Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Lamborghini Huracan STO, McLaren 765LT Most recently Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021.Is say, the company Vehicles from Germany, Mercedes-Benz not only invests the power for the supreme version of the Mercedes-AMG GT but also equipped with the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series super car very pit, true model car Out of the track. The popularity of Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is also in the resale price of this model is being pushed up by agents. Specifically, walking through a number of famous car sales can see the level Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series cars are being offered from US $ 575,000 until nearly $ 900,000 that makes many people who want to own their hands because of the lowest difference of VND 3 billion compared to Mercedes-Benz's car prices Dad

.Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is becoming indispensable toy of world giants. Although there was a factory price of up to 7.7 billion dong, doubling the standard version, the current Mercedes-Amg GT Black Series was pushed to the lowest price of VND 10
7 billion and the highest was near 18 billion VND is also the reason the price of Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is pushed up quite high, so some Vietnamese customers are interested in owning a fear. However, recently, a person who specializes in hunting supercars and sport cars who have found a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series with a very reasonable price. Can say this is a super The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series has the best selling price in the current world, because it is a plan to have a plan to bring this model. But not sure how specific transactions are. It is known that the Hollmann agent is the unit who has sold many extremely expensive supercars and cars that are rare for Vietnamese giants. Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series car price is super car agent and car Duc Rao reselled was 476,000 euros, equivalent to VND12.8 billion with VAT, and the export price for giants living outside Europe want to buy a car of 400,000 euros, equivalent to 473,640 dollars or 10.7 billion Copper. Although this Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series car price is about 3 billion difference compared to the proposed price of Mercedes-Benz, this is really the best selling price on the market for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series. The reason that Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series was pushed high prices derived from the design as well as the equipment of the car
In addition, the car company comes from Germany will limit the production time for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series so The giants want to quickly have cars to move as well as completing the collection. Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series are informed by us that you own silver paint exterior with black paint details. In addition, the vehicle appearance also has "dozens" with carbon details that provide a significant weight of weight loss. The heart of Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is still a V8 engine, Biturbo, Dung Area of 4.0-liter similar to the Mercedes-AMG GT R has 2 units of standards and Pro to Vietnam, however, the power pumped for the maximum capacity of the vehicle has reached 720 horsepower, higher 143 horsepower compared to the Mercedes-AMG GT R. version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar also increased by 100 nm to 800 nm. The same strength was with the Mercedes-AMG supercar GT Black Series is a new 7-speed dual-clutch sports transmission, so that the most wild supercar Mercedes-AMG GT has accelerated time from the starting position to 100 km / h in just 3.1 Seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 325 km / h.Video: Mercedes AMG GT Black Series - the strongest V8 machine History AMG.

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