This Pork Part Is Unexpensive, 600,000 Vnd / Kg Still Burns Goods

In the past, this pork part was cheap, even many people didn't eat, now it was a hot shop to buy. Recently, on the Multiple Time Market, the Multiple Networks sold a pork There are prices up to 300,000 VND / kg, imported goods are up to VND 600,000 / kg. According to ads, this is the most delicious meat of pigs called pigs (pigs). The berries are the flesh filtering from pig cheeks. Each pig only takes very little lean leaning, for example, 2 quintal pigs, the leaning part is only about 1kg, so the number of selling to the market is not much

. This piece of meat is soft, mixed with thin fats, after processing is still very soft, fat but not rather, the sweetness is rich. The lean leaning is much more expensive than the meat only or the tenderloin here, Leans are cheap, traders rarely filter out but to sell with pig cheeks, or sell with nose, pig ears. If you have a separate filter, the price is not as expensive as the meat or tenderloin
About the last 2 years, lean suddenly surprise the fever, becoming "hot goods", the price also since then increased. In the population markets or network markets, lean leans are much more expensive than other meat parts. In the supermarket, leaning of Meat Deli up to 416,000 VND / kg but still always burns goods. On the network market, pigs are asked by many people to buy Iberico pigs for VND 600,000 / kg, Iberico Legado pigs (pigs Black Spanish world is famous for being raised natural grazing on hills, mainly herbal foods) sold in clean food stores with a price of VND 600,000 / kg. Lan Huong - Small business Selling meat in Thanh Cong Market, Dong Da, Hanoi - said the earlier in the early "fever", pig stuff was twice as expensive, now the price drops a bit more heat. "Currently I sell pigs for 220,000 VND / kg, only 2-3kg every day, so early in the morning is all over. Many times have guests before so I have to give them but not to sell out," Ms. Huong said. Reasoning the cause of this meat "causing fever", Ms. Huong said many people evaluated this is the most delicious meat of the pig, eating crunchy, sweet meat, fat and lean, not tender like meat or meat pork
Furthermore, this flesh is rare, while the people love to buy a lot, so prices are also pushed up. It is also attractive. Pans, Ms. Dieu (in Hai Ba Trung) Share: "Previously I thought that bacon only, tenderloin was the most delicious meats of the pig but one day to eat restaurant, sister colleagues called meat Tin, I tried to eat once but addicted to the hour. After that, I went to the market and supermarkets only bought pigs to process the food ". Money rice bowls, marinated spices and put into the fryer without a grill or just boiled simplicity are also very attractive. "There was a day to buy a lean tray of lean trays just over 3 ounces for 135,000 VND . But also may buy it. When I waited for payment, many people asked to buy lean leaning but the newspaper staff was out of stock, "said Ms. Dieu (in Hai Ba Trung) for good. According to Nguyen Huong / Dan Viet

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