This Type Of Dot Made 5 Minutes Is Done: ‘weighing’ Is From Boiled Meat To Steamed Seafood And Does Not ‘boring’ Fruits Always!

Convenient to do 1 big jar, it is necessary to be so fast and comfortable for me. Steps to do 1. Processing materials2. Grinding the dipping water material1. Road, milk 250gr diameter, 150ml thick milk2

. Chili 10-15 fruits3. Lemon juice 150ml4. 50gr Tinh Tinh Salt Want to deliciously "all dotted sauce" is of course indispensable for delicious dots! In this article, we will tell you how to mix "Fire Diem Son" sauce - the "weighing" sauce is almost all dishes, from boiled meat to steamed seafood and acoustic fruits are always new The top of the "Fire Diem Son"
You just need to rinse your chili, remove the stalks and use the paper that is full of water after washing it. Grab 150ml lemon juice, remember to remove the seeds! 2xay water doves into blender: 50gr fine salt, 250gr diameter, 150ml condensed milk and chilli has processed. Press the mixture of mixture. I can increase or decrease the amount of chili, depending on your taste of yourself or the family, you add 150ml of lemon juice into and puree the mixture ahead more. So it's done! This is worthy of delicious and easy-to-do all kinds of land! "Fire Diem painted" is suffering from sour - spicy - salty - sweet, especially the more and more spicy. However, sisters should balance their taste of themselves and their families, they should not give too much chili (maximum should only use 20 fruits) to avoid the taste of the ignestor of omits. You can tell Water chord "Fire Diem Son" in the refrigerator cooler. Light note: I should hold water with a glass jar instead of plastic boxes and should be used out within 10-14 days, do not leave too long. With this information and suggestions, hope you There will be a kind of dots that are both easy to do "multi-zi" to meal the execution!

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