Thomas Edison Life: Steering Is An Outer Paper Of A Precious Gift

The main human life is up and down, there are adversity with adverse scenes, never all are 'sailing sailing'. It is important to persevie to patient through all tribulations, then we will achieve achievements that themselves cannot expect. Thomas Edison is a scientist, a inventor and a famous trader with many devices that affect modern life. There is a story about how he opposite the tribulation like this.0: 00/3: 46 South Vietnam evening on December 10, 1914, an explosion occurred at Thomas Edison factory in New Jersey

. Half factor sink in the sea of fire. Fire trucks are quickly present to extinguish the fire, but the presence of chemicals inside the plant and the laboratory has caused their efforts to slow down. The fire night that night burned many workshops of the work and the enthusiastic prototype of Edison
thomas Edison's life, the owner of the factory, instead of burst, screaming or depressed, calmly walking near him Son Charles, who is witnessing the fire. With a childish voice, Edison told him a 24-year-old son: "I went to call my mother and here. Big fire this life is difficult to meet! " When Charles expressed his unconsciousness, Edison said, "Don't worry about her son. We just cleaned up a pile of garbage. " Later, Charles told about that anniversary when he rewrote his father's memories in 1961. When a New York Times reporter came to the scene, Edison told him, "Although he was over 67 years old, But I will start again from tomorrow ". And indeed the next day, Edison started the work to rebuild the plant without a break to take a day.Edison lost about $ 1 million after the fire (equivalent to 23 million USD at the moment). Insurance companies only pay one-third of those assets. However, after borrowing from Henry Ford, after only 3 weeks, Edison could have caused a part of the factory to restart
Thomas Edison did not take responsibility to resource or chase any workers or engineers. His employees worked on the shift, and only a year later, Edison's factory has achieved 10 million USD revenue. The ancient Ordinary person says that Thien Thien gives a nice offer to someone, It will often use "tribulation" as an outer wrapping paper. From the otherwise, it will probably see that gift is a suffering, ugly, but if it can suffer, use the mind to open it, can understand the good idea of Thuong Thien and really get That special gift. When we were young, we practiced on the road, of course they would not be able to avoid being stumbled, but we didn't really dare to continue. Why is that? It is because when small, people are fundamentally not considered "stumbling" as a failure, do not see "stumble" as a blocking. So children will continue to practice, continue to run, the more they go, the more and more and more, the more and more people are like that, the more experience, naturally will know How to respond. If you are always scared, don't dare to do anything, it will not be able to accumulate experience. When unprecedented with the same kind of experience, there is an unworthy situation that will panic, illuminate, do not know how to handle it. Just like the first time to build a failed career, investing in failure, there are people who will not dare to taste again in their lives. But there are some people, the more difficult, it is more difficult to stop, but the next step, constantly looks back at me, re-testing and finally succeeded. When facing and lucky people, people Should be concluded too soon, don't use the good badness to judge a job that is lucky or unhappy. When we change the mind, swap the angle to consider a certain incident, we will play It appears that in a lot of love that we think is imperative, finally there is another arrogance of Thien Thien, making it a lucky kind of luck. True to the old poetry: "Anydonodynamic paint suspects to endlessness, Lieu Khang Hoa Nhat Nhat Huu village", the mountain and the country said it was out of the way, but after the willow, the fresh flower suddenly saw a beautiful village village .Theo

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