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Archaeologists write about the earrings of Sa Huynh culture with hundreds of archaeological terms, special scientific clauses. Of course it is a bit difficult to understand ... 0: 00/5: 47 Nam Nam is just a journalist, please tell the feeling when she grasped in the strange piece of collar was released from the person buried the dead here 2,000 years; Join the archaeological group in the bamboo tent next to the crops that are the house of Sa Huynh when going to the other world, are divided much of wealth, including earrings

. The amount of feeling that I went to Da Nang in the city days also opened the door before the way of being done. But the epidemic also made the street deserted more than usual, many shops were closed, who passed the road more rushed. The scene of axis and quietly in the campus of the capital museum when traveling also works comfortably, it is always crowded
But it is also the luck, few people have more quiet to see and contemplate. Just like in Quang Nam Museum, Quang Ngai, I immediately sucked into the earrings of Sa Huynh. The turquoise ears, looking through the transparent color. But when shooting close-up and zooming in, the earrings radiated the green light on the color of the sand. He looked at the ears like an invalid object, but someone saw a small advice containing the story about Fate of mankind.Che pearl earrings of Sea Huynh's prehistoric people. The majority of Sa Huynh antiques in the Museum of Da Nang are derived from the unearthable movements in Quang Nam province, such as the area TRA Di Tam My (Nui Thanh district), Tabhing (Nam Giang district). The display cabinet at the same entrance has 4 kinds of jewelry of Sa Huynh prehistoric people such as the ears of 2 animal heads, tissue-shaped earrings, glass bracelets, three-piece earrings. If anyone has immersed Entering this space, it can feel confusing attraction from the antiques? Where are the archaeologists many questions where Sa Huynh come from? Their wisdom at that time had the same point as Atlanta civilization; More than 2,000 years ago they knew heating thousands of degrees Celsius to cook glass, fabricating jewelry strings. These antiquities are found to find Thai, India, China, the Philippines
.. due to the ears of the ears and sleep 1 night at the burial area of Sa Huynh, so I startled and like being Hypnosis when looking at the thousand-year-old ears are located in a glass cabinet at the Museum of Da Nang. NEWING at the camp area 8 years ago at SA HUYNH DISTRICT TANG TAN TANG RIVER, Quang Ngai Province, One The Elder Cor's older recounted the story was taken for thousands of years, that Sa Huynh encountered a great rose by sea rise. The above story corresponds to the books in the French priest book Guerlach. In addition, many other researchers also recorded from the Bahnars, Jarai, who are in the South Lao region and also saved the story of their ancestors moving to the sea, using a common language, a nation , then seawater rise ... Women's earrings more than 2,000 years ago with attraction, obsession and strangely relate to human stories behaving to nature. The Word of the Old Elder Cor Live Right At Sea Huynh Edge Edge Tang River, he considered a spiritual valley, I still remember, that the ocean had caused disasters to ancestors from thousands of years ago. He also said, in modern society, if humans devastated nature, humans frantically followed the development and exchange environment to satisfy happiness, to be praised, the ocean will continue The water to cause water disasters to humans. 2,000 years of girls in the three archaeological cultures have formed a "cultural triangle" in the dawn of Vietnam's history. It is Dong Son culture (7th century before CN - 1st century after CN), Sa Huynh culture (10th century before CN - 2nd century after CN) and Oc Eo culture (1st century - late century 7 After CN). In Quang Nam, there was a famous village of Chum Dai Lanh, excavated since 1977. Separately Di Diem Lanh has 20 ears. In the soil jars to bury dead people, archaeologists have took out of dowry people who live for the dead, including the ears. When I meet archaeologists, I often ask the style Press the angle of the press: "Why Dong Son and Oc Eo culture has a specific image, especially Dong Son culture, everyone imagines the person at that time wearing a short sword, head and hip took the leaves Dance next to the copper drum. And why don't you have any image, or the story? The above question comes out with me from the story of sparkling pearls. Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer painted a pearl earmillas in 1665. Achievements only come in the late 20th century, when the picture was introduced in a special exhibition at the National Art Gallery Gia in Washington DC (USA). In 1999, Tracy Chevalier writer only n

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