Thousands Of Ancient Graves Ripped Into A Galaxy Map That Appeared In The Desert

The mysterious antique grave has just been excavated in Sudan like a large universe map, divided into many clusters like the shape of galaxies.0: 00/1: 19the namtheo Live Science, the national team International from the US, England, Italy ... used satellite images to locate and map more than 10,000 monuments in the Kassala area, East Sudan

. Those ruins include ancient Arabian tombs and temples, built into the Middle Ages. And the authors are really shocked when a universe map with many twisted galaxies Snail gradually appears. The League of Ancient Earbils - Photo: Stefano CostanzoPat on PLOS ONE said the initial details made the team used to use the decision to use the cosmic model Neyman- Scott, specialized in the study of the galaxy clusters
This has helped them discover the grave clusters in 4,000 m2 wide area that seem to focus on many galaxies, located around a pair of "parents" When not yet determined, like the stars carry the planets around the center of the center of each galaxy. In the distribution of galaxies - this ancient grave depends on the larger environment, With the favorable positions given to the galaxies "weighing" in society, can be the elite families. Dr. Stefano Costanzo from Naples University "L.orientale" (Italy ), the leader of the research team, the deeper understanding of this ancient ancient grave area can provide an insight into the ancient cultural practices of the medieval people here.Thu Anh

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