Thousands Of Year-old Round Stones In Costa Rica And The Strange Mystery Have Never Been Discovered By The Archaeological Industry

These are ancient artifacts that are crafted for centuries in large quantities that archaeologists have not been able to find the origin, origin. Located on the Delta Delta delta and Isla del Canõ In Costa Rica, the appearance of the stone balls here is one of the most unexplored thing of the archaeological industry. Looks, these spheres look like decorative objects in the The garden of the upstream. They are a combination of 300 stone spheres with a round shape, smooth, commonly known as work originating from extinct Diquís region and is the most famous stone sculpture in the region Isthmo-Colombian (a cultural area in the territory is mostly by the Chibchan language community at the time of Europe to discover America, including East El Salvador, east of Honduras, part of the Caribbean region , Costa Rica, Panama and the northern part of Colombia). The stones found in 1930 on the Delta Delta delta and Isla del Canõ island

. This sculpture was discovered in 1930 by United Fruit Company Company. In the process of cleaning the Diquís valley area, the company's workers discovered round, strange and ancient stone objects with a diameter from a few cm to more than 2 m, weighing up to 16 tons and made of sandstone. The level of perfection of different spheres, of which some unfinished spheres are still located at the stone site
There are many rumors, mysteries are embroidered from when the stones are found . Does anyone know the true origin of these stones. Many rumors and hypotheses are raised to increase the mystical looks of ancient monuments discovered. Some people believe that the round stones symbolize the hierarchy in society or rights. Others argue that the stones are merely the symbol of the social status or symbol of a tribe that has already existed in the past. There are many rocks destroyed because of rumors? Based Based.When the stone balls were first found, had rumors that they were created to stock gold. This has caused some workers who discovered the destruction of them by drilling or exploding before the authorities discovered and had blocked measures. Also, there are many legends Attached around the origin of these stones as they came from Atlantis's background was submerged on the ocean floor for more than 10,000 years ago. Or as the legend believes that these stones are "bullets" of Tara thunder gods (or named Tatchque) used to dispel the wind and storm serkes out of this area
Do, scientists have Must restore and store dishes in the museum. John Hoopes, archaeologist of Kansas University analysis: "These stones have been crafted by craftsmen through opaque process, Icelandery. They have the same shape as the products created from the culture that have been existed at the Aguas Buenas stage (in 300 BC to 800 AD) and Chiriquí period (800- 1500 AD) and then disappeared when I was conquered by the Spanish. The only method could be used to determine the origin of those stones that the theory of school strata, however this It's not feasible because most stones have been translated from the original position. Today the round stones have become a symbol and a part of the culture of Costa Rica country. Some fruits Damaged rocks were restored to be displayed at the Costa Rica National Museum in San Jose City and became a symbol of the nation, part of the cultural characteristics of Costa Rica. Now, visitors visiting Costa Rica can see round stones in government works as well as many works inspired by them throughout the country.

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