Three Blackpink Members Dance Lalisa: The Most ‘fiery’ Person Is Not Jennie

Finally, the three remaining members have suffered BlackPink join Lisa LALISA challenge roi.00: 00/03: 26Thoi past, Lisa (BlackPink) has stirred up the track pop with extreme quality products LALISA solo. Not only addictive melody, dance movement LALISA also become crowded everyone's favorite. It was a bit late but the last three remaining members of BlackPink also joined by Lisa and day.Ba challenge LALISA BlackPink together members of Lisa

.Cu LALISA can jump recently, fans are handed several clips BlackPink together three members of Lisa LALISA jump. Members BlackPink had reunion after the personal schedule, perhaps so that Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé also decided to challenge nay.Ca three members comprehensive color hoodie, shirt also print Lisa
In the beginning, the three members expressed somewhat fanciful freestyle or identical to any dance. And in the freestyle section, members reveal charms her most is Rosé. When dancing, Rosé suddenly approached and also lifted the camera wavy coat genuine xo.O breeze abs half later part of the clip, three members Jisoo, Jennie and had fun jumping Rosé chorus of LALISA. It looks like three girls were very excited to perform the dance, they laugh transparent screen videos and ending pose extremely bloodshot. The members expressed support BlackPink our best product for the youngest solo track Lisa.Hay SAOstar to updated news about BlackPink!

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