‘three Clicks’ In Quang Quang

Tay Giang mountainous district (Quang Nam province) has 7/10 three-sized growing communes, trees that bring high income, change life for the people.0: 00/4: 32 namanh nuoc shows the quality of product quality Old village Bhríu Poong, people in Lang Tombs (Tay Giang district) Everyone is proud of his village elderly who is the first person to study all universities, as Chairman of Commune People's Committee 2, then make secretary of the Commune Party Committee 3 term. Not only that, the elder Village Bhríu Poong is also famous as the "Three Size King" because the pioneer develops a model of medicinal planting, rising and enriching and helping the hometown people step by step push back poverty. On the North Land, in 1977, graduated from Thai Nguyen Pedagogical University specialized in biology, Bhríu Poongs on working at Truong 3 in Hien district (now divided into Dong Giang and Tay Giang district). When elected Chairman of the Commune People's Committee, later the Party Committee secretary, with the knowledge learned, he instructed the method of advanced rice cultivation

. Bhríu Po also became the "reluctant doctor", possessing "instructions for using medicine plants and Vietnamese medicines", "Instructions for healing with medicine" ..
with the desire of people's products Negotians in Tay Giang are highly valuable, he has brought introduced at many points in and outside the province in 2006, a team of researchers on the drugs on Tay Giang forests that have accidentally discovered three seals In a few shady mountains. At that time, he asked himself "Why not plant three stains to do the economy?" Thinking about doing, shortly after, older arrives on the forest to find a three-size tree to get the same seed. At first, the villagers gave him "crazy". Many people say: "This is a tree of Giang, don't grow!" Yesterday, but the elderly is still determined to go to the forest to bring three rains on planting. By the end of 2009, the elderly planted 6,000 trees of three stiments on an area of more than 1 ha. Old growing, old selling, every kilogram of three rises costs a few hundred thousand dong, making many people amazed. Since then, Tay Giang district leaders identified this not only a precious medicinal plants but also the "poverty reduction plants", established a biotechnology center to study and replicate the model. Quality inspection The product is true, the young man Nguyen Ba Hien and the passion for pharmaceuticals came to the elderly, raising the trees of three clicks. Chat with us, Mr. Hien remembered: After graduating from Danang University, it was nearly 200 km from Da Nang to find an elderly
Listen to the display of aspirations, the elderly agrees to display the house and show the study of three stimulus trees. After more than 10 years living with Tay Giang mountain mountain, Hien has become a "king" three new clicks, Together "King three clicks" Bhríu Polycase Breeding three sizes in large quantities. Now, display the nursery wide of thousands of square meters, providing 120,000 breeding trees every year for Quang and the Central Highlands mountainous areas. As a result, Hishing has become the Vice Chairman of the youngest commune People's Committee of Tay Giang district, then 24 years old, although not a local person, not the guardian, a rare handle in this land. Hien and Tay Giang district agricultural officials exchanged in this kind of ginseng today, she loved her three-sized trees, because instead of 6 years of harvesting with traditional trees, just 3 years, only 3 years, The three rushes were with their fingers, every 3 trees earned 1kg of fresh tubers, sold nearly 600 thousand dong. Exchange on this success, he showed a prize: "I don't use a traditional way to nurture each place a tree that planted 3, 4 trees into a cluster, while using the micro-finished fertilizer for big tubers to quickly harvest" .Not only supply the same, he showed a meticulous guide to guiding children to plant and take care of three stages, from the stage of land, north truss to watering, fertilizing, testing. Nursery is covered to reach Higher efficiency does not stop there, pythmology to raise trees of three stones, improve people's lives, want the product of this land to be widely promoted to many localities, he looks thought to find development directions . The variety has been yes, the technique is okay, high output, but the output is still quite precarious. In 2017, Thien Binh Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative is born, formerly known as the cooperative group, is the cooperative model The first new style in Tay Giang, nursery resets and produces three-stimulant trees according to affiliate contracts. The cooperative has 13 members, the area of three stakes extends to 52 hectares in Tay Giang, Que Son district (Quang Nam), Huong Hoa district (Quang Tri), Binh Son district (Quang Ngai). In 2020, cooperatives continued to associate with 10 households planting three stages and 5 households growing wire tea, bringing the total number of affiliated households to 25 households. Nguyen Ba Hien in his medicinal plants for production cooperative Yes, but to bring products to the market is not simple. He has established Ranvi Joint Stock Company to organize commodity production and consumption, associated with conservation of ethnic minority cultural identity. Thien Binh Cooperative organizes the production of typical products of cultivators, Ranvi is responsible for consuming products in the market. Ranvi In addition to trading three-sized purple and trading other typical products of muscle fellow like high party ginseng, three sizes high,

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