Three Khong And Three Salt Desports: Ca Mau’s Heritage

Due to the climate and soil along with the 'Tip' of three-seased salts, the three-seasded and three-stabilized slices in the country are in the country. And the 'Three-Khong Salt' has also been recognized as a national heritage career: 00: 00/2: 54 Southern Southern Rach Phan Town (Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau Province) - Place the three index It is considered to be the best in three types to feel its delicious taste and the joy of the workers. Because this special profession has been recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage.Ba the best salt as three root shows.Ba asyllabs are crustaceans, belonging to the crab family, living in the beach and episode area Most medium in mangrove, fish sauce or square

. Speaking of three ashes in Ca Mau, people often think of the three root settings, because only this land has a source of food and natural conditions to create the quality of the three-eyed children without anywhere. Nguyen Hong Dam, business households have been working as a three-year salt job sharing: "The three famous root shows are thanks to the terrain here, like heaven for it delicious. The mangrove tree, fish sauce, alluvial here are foods to create yellow bricks
Three does eat special foods from nature, so it's delicious, sweet and firm ".ba lives are purchased from those who arrested three at night. Most of the month 7-9 lunar calendar is considered the three season "assembly". In the old days, the three-way benefits are very rich, so the relatives think of the three-eyed salt to preserve longer. Through the ups and downs, no one here remembers when it comes. People here only know that, in order to get the three-stage salt, people who do to go through a lot of elaborate and natural stages have the "tips" of the workers. I am a specialty. Cuisine of Ca Mau Province.Anh Chau Ngoc Sang (living in Rach Gang town, Ngoc Hien district) said that the three fresh aspects after purchasing must be washed so clean through the water, then to give a certain time Let the three nozzles .
. thirsty. Next, it is new to the concentrated salt water les, three units will drink salt water and die. The relatives call it the stage of "killing three districts". Then, the three laptops are washed again to drain, then arrange for each layer into Lu, Heaven or glue, for salt water slang in, them Call it the stage of "Three-Khe Salt". Three salt aspects to about 1 week are edible. When eating, people will mix marinated with spices including: lemon, garlic, chili, pineapple, sugar ... so such a three-wheeled salt will be less salty and the taste will be more delicious. , Three sweet rod shows with sweet meat are very popular. According to you, to get a delicious salt, have to choose three-sighted and especially children to be true that the three shows the original. In addition, salt water is also very important, it must ensure sufficient salinity, the three-sighted meat is delicious and retaining the country, Vice Chairman of Ngoc Hien district farmers said, Third Resources Khen is increasingly declining is a very basic difficulty person who is meeting. The need now is how to have three-way breeding methods to protect the resources. Thereby, promoting the traditional tradition of the local people. "Three stunts in the natural environment, people are not actively supplied. Depending on the weather conditions that catch a lot. Therefore, the establishments do three ashers are concerned with the brand to build a brand for three types. However, in fact, when there are certification documents, signed the contract, they do not meet the needs of the market, "said Khanh.

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