Three Retail Chains Mwg Into The Top Of The Most Visited E-commerce Website In Vietnam

For the first time, as of the end of August 2021, both e-commerce sites of MWG were:, and are in the 3-page group with the highest visits of each industry .0: 00/3: 48 male domain overall, 3 websites above are in the top 10 websites and trading platforms with the highest hits in Vietnam market

. Mobile world and green electronics stand top, Over the integrated e-commerce floors according to Iprice statistics, in the second quarter of 220, website with a counter of 36.27 million / month and dienmayxanh
com with visits Is 21.33 million / month spent 1st and 2th place of electronic products. It is noted, the increase of 7 million compared to, even crossed the floor E-commerce horns on the market, and leaving the distance far from the following followers in the same industry. The third place retailer is about 30 million, and in 2nd 15 million hits / month. In other words, the visits of and are high for more than 6 times and nearly 4 times the next place
The second quarter also recorded a strong rise with an increase of nearly 5 million in the context of multiple online websites of the same type or shortness of breath or only slightly increased. In August, 2021, followed Statistics of SimilarWeb with electronics and technology groups in Vietnam market, holds No. 1 position with 49.5 million hits, holds the next position with 27.84 million visitors Convert. SimilarWeb's Statistics in the retail industry of technology. Thanks to continuously improving online customer experience can be said, the site of mobile world retailers headed at the list in the industry Retailing technology products are no longer too new because they have been "at the position" in this position for a long time. However, what to note here is, in the same period, the mobile world and green electrodes have advanced at the speed of too fast, increasingly farther away from other retailers. The unexpected thing is that they are not only caught up but also surpassing e-commerce floors who have spent a lot of resources, even losing losses to promote promotions and attract users. Web site is invested Simple, easy to shop. In the opposite direction, in a reply to investors, the mobile boss Nguyen Duc Tai has affirmed e-commerce for MWG is not a "burning money "To attract users but have to create numbers. As to confirm that, the mobile world and green electronics spent much effort to enhance the customer experience on online environment to retain customers. The new website launched the most up-to-date version A lot of features are facing convenience. The process since the customer goes to the web until selecting the goods to buy less than the first click. When selecting the product, the information required for customers to make decisions is the most complete, from the specifications, photos, videos visually to the evaluation of the mobile world, green electronics, rating Customers have bought and used products. In addition, the company also has an optimal team of content, SEO so that customers search on Google, the company's products appear to one of the 3 highest positions without paying. You, the CEO of the mobile world chain and the green electronics said: "The disease makes the site become the main tool to learn and make a decision to shop right on the online environment. We will continue to target customers whether in any form of procurement. "Also according to Iprice, green department of the Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company for the first time reaching the top 5 electric commercial sites Dynasty and only behind 4 large e-commerce floors. According to Traffic Turn Statistics from SimilarWeb, this retailer gained hits from 10 to 60 times compared to other retailers with the same industry.

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