Three Times Of Pregnancy On The Film, Luong Thanh Hold The Title Of ‘queen Pregnant’

Do not understand how the debt grace is like a happy single actor like Luong Thanh to play a 3-fold pregnancy on a small screen. So recently, the actress had to be excited on the Personal Facebook page: 'Don't know what ... but 3 times to pregnant on the movie'

. Although it is more pregnant, the actress also faces multiple trunk situations Age: 00/4: 00 nammai in the "girls in the city" Mai is a gentle girl, hard. Because of difficult circumstances, she had to go to the city to live and because of money that almost was tricked to become a "sector". With a pretty appearance, Mai was quick to be Mr
Khanh (NSND Tran) noticed. This man even trapped to "go to bed" with him to force her to be his wife. However, after knowing Mai was no longer in white, he decided not to have anything to do with her anymore. Mai was entangled in tragedy when she was pregnant but did not know who the baby was. Mai discovered I was pregnant. The headache is more than that she doesn't know who the author of the pregnancy is. Until now, Mai only brings together for 2 men. For the first time, Mai voluntarily was with Tung (Binh An), her older lover. The second time was reluctant, Mai was tricked by Mr. Khanh to drink anesthesia and rape
Both times she did not use any preventive measures. Mai then had to sell children to others nourish because of poor families, debt. In the movie "Roses on the left chest" tea in the "rose on the left chest" is the role to help pay Thanh Thanh At and also the curtain of the body makes her getting the most "stone tiles" in the role of participating. It is a smart law student, but the game has been played, the decade relationship. In order to get rescued from the drug case, the tea agrees to combine with Mr. Thong (NSND Justice) to approach Thai (Ngoc Quynh) and is willing to become the third person, going to destroy the happiness of the man This and his wife is Khue (Hong Diem). It is used for a pregnancy to control the Thai and instinated the wife out of the house. The nature of the tissue, sinister but the tea always gives me a gentle and innocent appearance. She accidentally became pregnant after once "played", but because she wanted to destroy Thai Family so he lied to the child in his stomach was Thai. Thanks, she easily got the pregnancy Wife out of the house and quickly occupied, becoming a much money owner. However, the pregnancy in the stomach is a daughter and not Thai children so then the tea falls into the carpet. 5 days "Joining one of the most singing drama projects today, Luong Thanh occupies the sympathy of a large number of fans with his role playing - a kind young girl, innocent. However, Because of that, she was very foolish, blind in love. Thuc Anh was the secret lover of Dung (Tien Loc) - the owner of the coffee shop that she served for more than a year of dating and dating "Stone" Shu Anh to transfer the target to pediatrics (Nha Ngan Close). At this time, he discovered he was pregnant. Of course, Dung denied responsibility, he also gave money to lovers "handling " fetus. Thuc Anh went to the hospital to quit pregnancy but then decided to keep it. Recognizing the true face of his boyfriend, he accepted as a single mother. Do you suffer when you decide to make a single mother. Fake is also sympathetic. Because of a young girl, not hitting a lot of life like he was very easily believed in the communal flirtatics of Dung. Not to mention, he is her boss. Everyone is too far away for her situation and hopes he will really find happiness in the upcoming developments. After 3 times pregnant on the small screen, the funny audience set for salary Thanh named " Queen pregnant "," Holy 2 lines "... The actress also shared, just when reading the script" May 11 days ", she was quite unexpected, because the person he was also pregnant as two Her role used to take on. Too tam Ba is busy, even though it's just a coincidence but Luong Thanh also said she will have to consider and select the script in the following movies to avoid repeating the same situation, because it doesn't want to be shackled in a form Given shoulders, may make the audience feel boring with a color of a color. The desire to try to be a pitiful role or villain with a pitiful situation. May 11, "said Luong Thanh Loan long ago she always liked the type of action, with personality and a little knowing about martial arts but still had no chance to play like that. Or if possible, she wants to play a villain but is a more pitiful and pitiful character for the audience to have a little sympathy, not completely hate him.

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