Through Purdue’s Reward Plan, Us Judges Are Criticized

Judge Robert Drain in White Plains, New York (USA) has approved the Purdue's premium management plan at the end of the online hearing on September 13, USD / 2: 13 Pharmacist holding Oxycontin bottle produced by Purdue Pharma at a pharmacy in Provo, Utah (USA), May 9, 2019. (Source: A US Judge on September 13 approved a bonus of up to $ 7.1 million for Purdue Pharma's senior management year, the manufacturer went bankrupt by Oxycontin opioid products. Also in this hearing, he faced blunt criticism on how to handle the incident from a woman who had a son died of overdose of opioid

. Robert Drain at White Plains, New York Approved Purdue's premium payment planning plan at the end of the online hearing on 13 / 9. His decision was given about 2 weeks after this judge said he would Approving Purdue's restructuring plan - which depends on the value of $ 10 billion for Opioid-related lawsuits, he will also provide the dismissal document to protect the cities. Sackler family owns the company from the opioid-related civil cases in the future
Sacklers family has contributed about 4.5 billion USD for the planning plan U Purdue, which received extensive support from creditors voted for this plan. But critics criticized that this family still retained billions of dollars and never faced a public civil lawsuit. Also at the online hearing, the mother of a victim used The overdose opioid called for Judge Drain to approve the proposal to review his ruling and withdrew from the case. In a 30-minute speech before the court, the woman gave rare wars at courtroom for judges. She said, "Everyone knows" The bankruptcy is submitted to Judge Drain by the Sacklers family knows he has the history of approving the dismissal documents like the name they search. Need to face criminal allegations, when the victims and their families only receive too little money allocated through Purdue's plan. Thesis Drain refused her request. He also noted that liability exemptions are supported by many other courts across the country and do not protect the Sacklers family from potential criminal responsibilities. According to the American Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC ), more than 500,000 people have died due to overdose of opioid overdose since 1999 to now
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