Throughout The Day There Must Be Excess Rice, My Daughter-in-law Flocking The Tray When I Heard My Mother’s Mother Say This

The daughter-in-law goes to work late due to the nature of the work, the mother-in-law meal also puts the whole lottery to cool, to a piece of meat. Women in this story have been familiar and love with their current husband. At that time, the woman believed that she was really looking for Hanh Phuc stop of life. Fortunately, the two want to get married, both sides of the family nodded in their marriage. General or separate depending on your liking, however, if you want to go separately, you need to worry about buying a house, and at the same time the future will not receive any ceremonies from her family

. Want to give you a lover, the woman despite all and agrees with the mother-in-law's requirements. Illustration: Internet source. After getting married, because there is no economic conditions, her husband Still with parents
At the beginning of the first time, their lives passed very smoothly. For later, because the work was getting busy, the woman often had to increase the ca and dissolve very late. So every house job is due to a mother-in-law. Related to the son do this in the middle of the night, the parents hurriedly take a psychological examination - Why? "Tien? Seawater: The tourist destination is not for the others, she always spends most of her wages to take care of her family, and don't forget to ask for a mother-in-law every time it comes late and hope she sympathizes The nature of your work. But due to late work, the woman often had to eat alone. It is worth mentioning that, meals that the mother-in-law is every day only a few cold vegetables, to a piece of meat nor. However, the woman has never dared to blame half word. She thinks that just being eaten is good, there are other things that don't matter. For a few days ago, due to the completion of the work, the woman enlisted home early one day. for everyone a surprise because it melted early on that day, but did not expect when he arrived, the person who received unexpected unexpectedly is himself
illustration: Internet source. Entering, the whole family sat dinner in the kitchen. Because I don't know my daughter-in-law, my mother-in-law also said loudly to everyone, "The whole family eats all the warehouse, letting the vegetables give it. What the daughter strawberry doesn't work on the house. The map is delicious for it ". Now she has no longer lushing and went straight to the kitchen, just saw her mother overlapping the last warehouse in the disc into the bowl of her father. It was impossible to control his anger, the woman Turn on the wheels. After that, she was scolded by her mother-in-law with enough hooks. The husband loved himself to stand on his wife, but did not expect him to blame her who didn't know what. Female abandoned his mother's house right at night. She didn't know how later he would face the stuffy marriage life, nor knowing what she had done something to suffer such treatment ... * Source: NetEase Newst intended her What should I do in this situation? You can choose 1 item. Your vote will be public. Divorce instantly because both husband and husband's family are too unintentional, so I will apologize to your husband's family because I act too hard, this may be just misunderstanding Clear with her husband's family, see can be mounted

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