Thuong Tin Artist: My Wife And Children Visited, Was Negative With Covid-19

The star of the 'flipboard "was more fun, because his wife and children visited him at the inn. He had negative test results with Covid-19. Thuong believes that, when the life is stable, his small family will re-sum up as the old instant 9: 00/2: 08 namanh has temporarily won the Covid? Thuong Tin: Yes, Longer than a week. I just tested and received negative results. Now it's been out

. Leave a little, you haven't informed the real vaccine? But tomorrow I will go to the nose 1. It's an appointment. His voice seems to be excited? Artist Thuong Tin: My wife and children have just visited
They just gone. Small family of Thuong Tin artist (Photo: Internet) What is the life of his wife and children? It's fine. We just met, all three felt happy. Will you go to work? Thuong Tin: I wait for health to work. Currently I still get the place I am going to provide food. Because I don't have money to pay. Does your wife and wife return to live with you? Thuong Tin: She doesn't say it will return to me. But if I arranged a stable life, she would come home, I would come back, I think. But whether you're going to do so do you allow you to bring your wife and children to live with? Thuong Tin: Yes. Because of the separate room
As the room for workers is still broader than my room is hiring. Currently, do you have to buy medicine to prevent stroke? Thuong Tin: Yes. Every day I still have to take medicine. Now I can't go to normal, still slightly practicing. What are you doing to have income to cover life? Thuong Tin: She makes a job for people. Will go to your hometown? Thuong Tin: My daughter has moved to Saigon schools. After being infected with Covid your health? Thuong Tin: It's okay, I'm still normal. Just after my feet stroke a little weak, go a lot of tired. With the legs like that, how do you film a movie? Thuong Tin: Where do I play a movie?

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