Thuong Tin: Healthy To Work, 2 Requirements Of Strong Sponsors Have Been Implemented

'Star' Movies One time with Covid- 19. The lucky song he was discovered soon should be able to win 'Ms. Vy' in a short time. Tradition holds optimistic spirit, only sad with the current lonely situation .

.. 0:00 / 3: 58 Navigen Many audiences worry about him. Can you "reveal" where are you? Thuong Tin: I'm at the inn and see health still normal
Nghe said you discovered Covid-19 in the process of applying for a job? : That's right, I just went to find a job. In the near future, I will be able to work, have a monthly salary, with dining, accommodation. It is thanks to a friend of my friend to help. Tens of years I have met my friend again. Her brother is very successful. Through watching the newspaper, you know I'm living with me, I have to go to me, introduce me to your brother's polyclinic to work. Come here I have to test Covid. Therefore, he knew he was positive but the doctor encouraged, okay ..
I was discovered early when there was no symptoms. The doctor guarantees a few days, I will run out of Covid, nothing worried. At home I take the medicine according to the doctor's instructions. Thuong Thuong Thuong Tran chiets in the sunset of life (Photo: Internet) His kitchen stories in the days of Covid-19 Has anyone help? Credits: I get health care and provide food. How do I feel in people? Thuong Tin: I feel normal, don't affect anything. I edible, drink, sleep. All are normal. Hopefully 7 days later will be right away. Can you know what you spread from? Because I have no symptoms, what about it? I don't fever. Fortunately happen to detect soon so easy treatment if it would be more difficult to incubate if there was a longer difficulty. I said it was sick, that's all. Although only her writings also helped me reduce someone loneliness. After you open my situation: there is no longer living with your wife and children, the miserable life, you get a lot of help Is not? Thuong Tin: Ah, then, there are many places to invite me to work, they also say, there will be a place where to eat, to be kindergarten for me. Tin (left) and the right (right) are "right) The star "brightened for a while (Photo: Internet) Area Living There are many F0? Probably not much, not much. After I don't have to do in a polyclinic? Thuong Tin artist: Do your office. The movie is coming. The mind specializes in music, they are about to move through filming and want to invite me to join the project. Moving to Anh Questions of an opinion department: The amount of money he was strongly supported by a small stroke. Why don't you bring out spending during stressful epidemics, make a hard life? Thuong Tin artist: I said. People asked me to buy the land and took the house so that later, the old age also had a place to go. I bought land and took a level 4 house in my hometown. With it, they worry about their children with their life, several hundred million dong. Two demands of strong sponsors with me, have been done well. This, is the condition that you will help the woman raise children? Artist Thuong Tin: Currently, I haven't helped anything because I suffer , unemployed long. But if I liked to play, just like lying back incompetence where nostalgic? Later, conditional of course I shall give his daughter to him no longer worry roi.Sap unemployment, will certainly less pressure! Artists Thuong Tin: I now lonely, lonely. DM has had, still mentally tormenting, agonizing over everything. My wife and children are living with this now, see shortfalls, fall from the sky as high into the abyss. See the old sorrows of loneliness, she don.Anh think about the young wife was away he? Artists Thuong Tin: She's too young, my poor little three year old (cackle). How many generations always. Therefore, I also hard harmony. Can we face certain harmony Thuong Tin thoi.Vang wife and children feel lonely, lonely (Photo: Internet) I believe in the future: When you stable life, can protect people his women, the "heart will be happy again!" Tin Commercial Artists: Yes, it is consistent prevalent than ever consistent failure? I will try to work. I still love my job, still working as well, sensitivity remains, can health after stroke weak bit. But I feel I can do it! Dao Nguyen

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