Thursore Many Houses Often Flock After Each Time Of Blowing Rice Turned Out To Be The ‘young German God’ Forever Unintable Of Japanese Women

Guess what the sunrise girl usually uses anything to nourish? 0:00 / 3: 12 Japanese female women often have white skin, spotless skin. And although Japan is a developing country, Japanese women still use ancient skin care methods to look younger than their age. What special is that they often use rice water after each cooking rice to wash their face, not pour. If you know the following uses of rice water for health and skin, it will definitely not want to Throw away this precious water.1

. Helps prevent early skin aging using rice water as a clean wash water can help you prevent wrinkles to form early. Rice water can enhance the production of collagen in the skin and helps skin stress, younger. Besides, rice water is also rich in antioxidants, thereby making it a natural weapon to fight early wrinkles
The face of people who do not use rice water (above) and water users Vo Rice (Photo below) 2. Helping sunscreen when going out to the rice, there is a natural cooling effect and when washing on the skin can help soothe the sunburn, reduce irritation when sunshine. The factors found in rice have been shown to have the effect of protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The sun exposure is one of the most common causes of skin damage And using rice water is an easy and reasonable way to protect your facial skin.3. Helps improve skin damaged skin Beauty industry provides a lot of products effectively but the price is quite expensive for you to get better skin. Rice water is a natural and cheap skin care ingredient that most people are available every day. So, what does it not take advantage of you? Reduce the damacemalization of damacles despite the normal skin pigmentation, but this common skin condition can be annoyed and make you feel embarrassed with the opposite person. If not treated, black spots on the skin can lead to uneven skin color, causing your face to look poles. In that time, the rice water has been proven to be able to strengthen production
Melanin and can reduce skin pigmentation effect effectively. Leather before and after using rice water5. Helps control oily skin effectively natural oils are essential for your skin health because they lock moist and act as a protective barrier to fight external impacts. But owning a greasy shadow face sometimes makes you feel confident. In fact, many skin care products for alcohol-containing oil can cause disorders of sebaceous glands and cause excessive production of sebum on the skin. Therefore, the use of rice water is a way to balance the safety skin to save more economically than the types of toners in the market. Because it eliminates excess oil and does not make your skin dry.6. Helping to improve the skin from the inside out in when washing your face with rice water can bring many benefits to your skin, drinking the rice water to help you transform the skin from inside. Rice water is very good for the digestive system, it contains prebiotics and is known as food that helps natural detoxifications, preventing dyspepsia. Because intestinal health is the essential element to have beautiful skin, so rice water is really a magic dose that helps your skin always bright.: Brightside

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