Thuy Diem Shared The Secret Of ‘holding Fire’ During The Episodes: ‘si Yard Words Don’t Make Me Down The Spirit’

Actor Thuy Diem said she always thinks optimistic, to transmit positive energy to everyone.0 of the year. In addition to the positive side, it also arises many negative things, conflicts in the husband and wife's life are unavoidable. And the family of pornstars Thuy Diem - Luong The Thanh is not exceptional. Accordingly, the red sand film actress has just shared with SaoSar on the secret "keeping fire" marriage in the episodes season

. The secret to sharing the "fire holder" secret during the season: Down the spirit ". I spread the positive energy for my family- What do you do to balance life in the episodes? - In the episodes, I create a positive energy source to feel strong and fine God is comfortable, I will definitely face everything softly. I spread positive energy for my family by reading books, watching movies, exercising and especially studying this dish to the family, spending time playing with children
In normal life , Work I'm very busy, there are many things that don't do it, this time I always enlisted to do it. In fact, I was really clumsy in cooking, this time I felt like myself like "billionaire time" so, could study the practice to make this dish, the previous things never did. I became a genuine family women more than before. Translation, actor Thuy Diem became a "genuine housewife" .- Many couples are hard to avoid contradictions arising in the episodes in the season, sister and him What is the commune? - I think it is the left side of this moment, at the side of the season there are positive things but also negatively affected psychology. When work is affected, economic, income is affected by. The most difficult thing is that I'm locked up in the house, don't step out of the house. For those who have such a habit of feeling very inhibited, my family is not exceptional. And of course when I feel stressed, uncomfortable, it is easy to occur in life. My family is the same, sometimes orphimated about something small
When I saw that problem, the opponent knew that everyone was very frustrating, it wasn't because I hate each other or I was something to catch each other, just the psychology at that time was not stable, firm It also happened very fast. - How do you solve those conflicts? - At that time, I would do another thing to cover the current negative emotions. For example, opening music, watching movies, going to swords that deliciously delicious, ... will immediately forget about what's annoyed. In addition, my family also has a very laughing way of laughing "sitting", at least I can vent negatively psychology. The decision to preserve the happy marriage life of the couple during the translation season is Always sympathetic, understanding each other. 'The words of the yard don't make me down the spirit'- everyday there are many negative news on the social network, how will you choose to receive these news? - In this three months my feelings are like "Sin-shaped chart", up to time. It depends on what I see and heard. Of course I am a public artist, I want to bring something positive. Because on my personal page, I know a lot of viewers can sometimes contribute to the effect of others. So, I told myself to transmit positive news for everyone. When I accidentally viewed the information on the press on the epidemic situation that was tense, or where it happened What problem touches your heart, then I sometimes not pressured forced to share. Emotion when I came down like that. The moment can be said to be the most difficult in the time you go through .The Diem doesn't care about the scaling when doing charity. Each day I automatically support yourself is difficult, And how uncomfortable spirit, I'm still more happy than many people out there, when people have to face the suffering. Knowing how many people must do anti-epidemic, go to treatment and expose many dangerous things, they are sitting at home and are very safe, things they go through very small and cannot be compared. Therefore, I "pull Mood" myself up by thinking more positively, spreading love. - It comes to say: "Artists do charisma, no matter whether many are still scattered". How are your views on this issue? - Artists or ordinary people too, when they are in "difficult" as far as they are, themselves are the one who has conditions to help people in circumstances more difficult. So it is not only the other artist's siblings when volunteering comes from the mind. Should have been awarded the sacred thing, or telling anyone who doesn't say anything, but I don't make yourself down, because I save the person right now. - Thank you Thuy Diem!

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