Thuy Nga Crying Choking: They Want To Take The Honor So I Don’t Work Anymore

Kim Ngan urgently paid Thuy Nga to pay for strong sponsors and confirmed that she would stand out to protect Thuy Nga if anything in: 00/2: 37 Southern countries, no pliers are touched after listening to Mother's letter Kim Ngan BanThu Lâu recently had a conversation with the former sister of Kim Ngan singer Kathy to specify the issues of the past time when female artists were used by many people, stealing money from Kim Ngan, Even with her on the police officer. Thuy Nga, meeting Kim Ngan is a charm, the future projects before her eyes are still unfinished but she decided to stop and didn't help the senius because she was now Having a family worriedly, Ms. Huong - Kim Ngan's mother still wants to keep the room at Ms. Huyen's house - the house Kim Ngan has been in the past. Therefore, Thuy Nga continues to give a 2-month senior coiner, even if both don't see each other and Kim Ngan doesn't return to this house

. "Kim Ngan has a family and the house Let me, I'm very light. Whoever followed her care would see very energy. After following her 3 months, I have tinnitus, dizzying without understanding why
I made a doctor to go to a doctor ", Thuy Nga revealed. The artist said she was attacked, cursing to take down the honor, Kim Ngan's mother sent a letter to Thuy Nga and these People care about former singers. In the letter, Kim Ngan's mother thanked the sponsors of the sponsors of interest and sent money to help her daughter in the past. "The day ago, I advised Russia to announce the money soon to the network community to know. And I don't have a reputation. About what I said Thuy Nga opened a dispatch to Kim Ngan because I heard people sister Thuy Nga, afraid of Russia holding money to have dinner. I have told Russia, who asks for money or items for Kim Ngan, I should return it. I don't dare say it all because of fear of doing sad those who helped and didn't want to get back, "Ms. Huong sent. Bài affirmed, if Thuy Russia has something, she will be witnessed and defended female artists
Ms. Huong also hoped that everything would end here because everyone was aware, it was not good forever. After listening to the letter, Thuy Nga could not be touched and closed. She said last time, herself was offensive, cursing heavily not only on the network but also in real life, when going to cafés. "Their purpose of taking Kim Ngan about, I am also happy Well, they also have the purpose of growing honor, my name so I don't work anymore. They talked to the next, saying "to push this child to Vietnam". What did they say, the audience heard it all told me, "Thuy Nga said. Assert, I am seriously hurt and stress. Every night girl has to coax your mother and hope my mother soon to overcome The difficulties are also informed, she will plan the phone to return the entire money to the sponsors who want to get back money. "I hope that everything about singer Kim Ngan and Thuy Russia will It was wraps here, "female artist stressed.

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