Thuy Tien Suddenly Was “beaten ‘in A Special Day, The Person Behind Him Was Mr. Cong Vinh

Thuy Tien has a sweet birthday, fully joy with fans and families 09: 00/1: 29 Southern region, Thuy Tien is one of the names that receive a lot of interest From the network community. Recently, the female singer welcomed a sweet and happy birthday party and fans. Specifically, this party was held secretly prepared by FC of Thuy Tien. "The" team "has a secret to the female singer who pulled the tables and chairs and flowers. In order for FC to have time to "work", Cong Vinh brought the commune to go out of 1 hour to 30 noon to 6 pm

. This secret birthday made a narcata extremely moved. Mr. D
T (Chief FC Thuy Tien) said: "Doctrophic disease does not meet her only exchanged through messages into no new shape to up so people think they" turn their backs ". Thanks to learning online For several months now gave me the idea of making an online exchange. Haha. Thanks to that, the FC 3 Northern - Central - South East is enough, warm. But noon still makes the house with you pull the table and pull the chair, plug in the cotton. Thank you for loving a person. Thank you for loving each other ". : "Many times are jealous of my wife because I have a FC that both troops and I have just dumbbounds but I am really great, this year FC is asking if I do it out for a few hours to make a surprise. Results It was more unexpected than her. Shooting a birthday, I thought my wedding was not everyone
FC was plugged in a flower in the sense of the theme according to the songs of Ba ".

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