Tibetan Clam Dog: From Giant Jewelry To Hotpot Food

Once a status symbol for the rich family but Tibetan clam dogs have been depressed to hard news.0: 00/1: 39 namchou tibetan clam is a clam dog raised and coached by Tibetan To protect cattle and protect the lives of the Himalayan mountains from wild animals like wolves, tigers, bears. The reason is that it is a loyal personality, loyalty, especially only a master. They are named the Lord of the steppe and are described as "bigger than wolves, stronger than the flower and faster deer deer." Tibetan clams are large, the coils in the neck are like a mane Lion

. Tibetan has a very passionate time for dogs and worlds. Especially in China. This dog was a thing to ostentatious for the wealth and class of super rich in this country
There was a clam used to be fine-romantic for the rich and class of super rich. The clam dog costs approximately 200,000 USD (about 4 billion VND) but is now being sold to slaughter facilities with cheap prices ... 5 USD. This dog is now used to As a raw material for ... Hairy dog hotpot, to make garment materials. According to statistics from 2013 until now, more than half of 95 Tibetan clam dogs must be closed
Beijing dog defense rescued 20 poor clam dogs locked in iron cages along with 150 other normal dogs that were substituated to the car to prepare to take to slaughter facilities. The fight against corruption in China was fiercely, causing rich people to collect themselves and no longer dare to spend huge amounts of money into luxury plays like clams. This person said that it was time to take measures to protect the "Lord of the Thao Nguyen" before they are extinct. According to healthy and beautiful

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