Tien Linh Waits To Grace China

Double into the Chinese U22 grid in 2019 was certainly the inspiration of Nguyen Tien Linh striker before the match tonight in the third round of World Cup 2022.Tong is the most recent player to break a team of China. That's when U22 Vietnam has a friendly match with U22 China on the land in September 2019. More specifically, that team led by coach Guus Hiddink. Tien Linh recorded both tables in that match

. 0-2 before U22 Vietnam on the home field, making Chinese children suffer more criticism. Mr. Park won a victor in the 2002 World Cup
and young players like to be added to the "under the bottom" compared to the neighboring football. Tan Tai was considered a number one partner of Tien Linh when both shine in China U22 win in 2019. Photo: IC. However, the national team level is another story. The Chinese recruiting 4 citizens and strikers Wu Lei are playing for Espanyol in La Liga (Spain). The grid of Chinese recruitment is not as easy as at the U22 level. The striker of Binh Duong club also understands this. "In the third qualifying, competitors are in the leading Asian level. I only set a personal goals and hope the team achieves good results before strong opponents," said Tien Linh before opening The first match.5 The second qualifier shows that players born in 1997 have a very good scoring feeling
However, 3 of 4 rivals in Table G are from Southeast Asia. Particularly with the UAE, this striker scored 2 goals, including a diplomatic preparation in My Dinh yard, bringing 3 precious points to recruit Vietnam to go to the next round. Reality in the third qualifying Tien Linh is still looking for the ball. In the diagram plugging a striker and tilting off the defense, the No. 22 shirt has no clear chance in front of Saudi Arabia and Australia. In those two failures, Tien Linh did not show the possibility of holding the ball and managed to play alone in front of your team's defense. Pacific Club Nguyen Thanh Son for Zing knows: "Linh's strength is running place, di Switch not shadow and head. He needs a partner to be able to promote its inherent strengths. I like Ho Tan Tai in the past in Binh Duong, the two are very rhythmic ". Referring to people who had two assisted lines for Tien Linh to score into China's U22 grid two years ago. The steep boundary, observing the talent created differently in that match. He knew the rhythm and moving momentum of the teammate inside to release the most accurate drop for the Linh.Nam Vietnamese player who won the U22 China, Nguyen Tien Linh, Ho Tan Tai, Nguyen Van Toan and Nguyen Hoang Duc. Photo: IC. "Tonsils with Tien Linh are a pair of songs when they are in Binh Duong club. The two familiar familiar from the children should be very understand. She is also in the team but maybe Coach Park Hang-SEO has the options Choose another better so the talent has not yet played a lot. Tien Linh needs to independently combat alone, "Mr. Son said. The charm of Tien Linh may need to wait for a moment of ejaculation as he once scored UAE mesh on My Dinh yard. It was a unexpected shot of more than 30 m outside the area. Compared to China, Vietnam recruitment is still at the lower door. The opponent has enough reasons to attack, imposing the game and the Linh may have to continue to operate independently above. A statistical is not positive in all 6 nearest matches meeting, recruiting Vietnam lose. The striker scored against the nearest Chinese recruiting grid was Le Cong Vinh in 2010. Vinh was retired since the end of 2016. Tien Linh was the one who was expected to follow the man. "I'm lucky loving 'striker Nguyen Tien Linh shared his feelings after the kick match with U22 Vietnam before leaving the third round of World Cup 2022.Quang Thinh

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