Tien Phong Enterprise Brings International Brands To Vietnamese Users

Owning a wide distribution network, with a team of experts and strategic partners, with more than 150 years of experience in Asia, DKSH helps Vietnamese consumers access international products Easy way.Dem quality products come to Vietnamese users one of the world's leading market development service providers, in 30 years of operation in Vietnam DKSH Vietnam always constantly efforts with mission Improving the quality of life of Vietnamese consumers, while becoming "triumphes" of many foreign businesses who want to grow in Vietnam.Lactacyd is one of the women's and baby cleaning products Consumers are favored in Vietnam. Few people know that DKSH has coated with Lactacyd from 2013 after this brand was introduced into the Vietnamese market. After 7 years of companions, Lactacyd is currently available on 80,000 stores and supermarkets throughout the country, ranking second in the line of women's cleaning products according to AC Nielsen survey in April 2021

.dksh Vietnam uncle Important cooperation with the world's leading health care brands so far, Lactacyd's sales increased by nearly 15 times since their companions of DKSH Vietnam. Latacyd contributes to improving the quality of life for mothers, children, women and families from urban areas to remote rural areas. With the process of long-term companions with DKSH Vietnam, Ms
Phan Thi Minh Chau - Giam Marketing governor, health care industry, Sanofi in Indochina region said: "DKSH Vietnam is not only a strategic consultant, but also an expert understanding the desire and expectations of Vietnamese people. DKSH Vietnam has been a bridge to help us access the correct potential customers and contribute to improving their quality of life with high quality and safe products. DKSH Vietnam has a process of improvement from supporting business license registration to the distribution network and marketing to help "open the way" and explore the new market quickly, contributing to our success in Vietnam . "Being Vietnamese, perhaps many people are no stranger to hear the brands of insecticides such as Jumpo Vape, Kaori spray perfume from Fumakila Limited, Japan has cooperated with DKSH Vietnam Since 2005. The business cooperation with DKSH Vietnam has also promoted 23 times higher than Fumakila Vietnam's sales in 15 years in Vietnam, currently present over 100,000 stores and supermarkets throughout the country. About success, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuoc, representative of Fumakila Vietnam said: "DKSH Vietnam has helped us to reduce costs in the sales system, while helping to distribute products throughout the countryside Rado in Vietnam, where people need high quality insect spray products and the largest spraying perfume. "Jumpo Vape insecticides is a familiar brand of many Vietnamese people in addition, DKSH Vietnam also consulted for Mars Petcare optimal business solutions, especially focusing on promoting products on channels Modern trade nationwide. Mars Petcare is the 6th largest company in the United States, famous for their professional care professional, but encountering many specific barriers to access Vietnam market. From 2015 to now, Mars Petcare's sales have increased 5 times, present in more than 3,200 specialized pet products throughout Vietnam
MARS Petcare is famous for its safe food and pet care products such as Pedigree, Whiskas, Temptation, Catsan and Kitekat into Vietnam. Mars Petcare's number increased by 5 times after more than 5 years of cooperation with DKSH Vietnam Connecting for foreign enterprises to Vietnam is a member of DKSH Group from Switzerland, during 30 years of development, DKSH Vietnam has built a wide business network in 63 provinces with 18 representative offices, 6 Distribution center, 4,700 employees, 325 brands, serving more than 190,000 corporate customers in Vietnam. At DKSH Vietnam, whether or in a foreign or domestic enterprise is served in accordance with international standards with the advanced level of transparency, respect and cooperation with development. Tuyet Tuyet Anh - Director The fast consumer goods industry, DKSH Vietnam said: "DKSH Vietnam has a long-term having history with the transition and development of Vietnam. We gradually established long-term investment with 18 office headquarters and logistics across the country, while creating sustainable relationships with many domestic partners over time. The ability to understand and access the profound markets of DKSH Vietnam is the potential factor to bring success to large customers that DKSH's fast consumer industry has been accompanied. "Professional knowledge and Deep experience in DKSH Vietnam's domestic market is the successful factor for partners on all, after 30 years of strong development in Vietnam, DKSH Vietnam has become a familiar partner, is solid bridges, bringing high quality international brands to people

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