Timely Rescue 35 Crew Members In The Sea

35 crew members on 02 cargo ships in distress in Vietnamese and foreign waters have been rescued promptly in 02 days of February 1, 2002 / 2021. Narimoto Maru is in distress in the sea. Photo: The center of information from the Vietnam Maritime Research and Savigation Center on December 2, said: Entering 17:05 on December 1, 2021, the Narimoto Maru (MMSI: 312637000; nationality Belize) with 18 Crew members (including 5 Vietnamese crew members) on the road to carrying 9310 tons of clay from Malaysia to Taiwan, when it comes to the position of Phu Quy Island 50 nautical miles northeast, the ship is tilted 30 degrees . After receiving the news from the ship, the Vietnam Maritime Research and Savigation Center tried to contact the ship but did not respond. Failing to a dangerous, capable property Threatening the lives of crew members, the center has broadcast the maritime announcement to mobilize boats around the area quickly journey to the final position of Narimoto Maru ship, while Emergency Emergency Ship SAR 413 comes from Vung Tau and mobilizing ships CSB 6011 from Phu Quy Island to rescue the road

. The center also coordinates with the centers for searching and rescue Hong Kong, Singapore Collapsing information, searching for the ability to contact the victims. Que to call, the center has mobilized Ritam ships, Mathllde Maersk, Wan two 126 in the neighborhoods deploying crew salting coordination Ship Narimoto Maru. At 21:30 on the same day, Mathllde Maersk (Danish Citizens) discovered and saved all 18 crew members
Early-morning opinion on December 3, 2021, 18 crew members will be taken to Malaysia and Handover to authorities. Also in 02 days from February 1, the Center has coordinated with successful international rescue agencies to rescue 17 crew members of Vietnam nationality leaving Huoel Crystal drift On the sea adjacent to Japanese countries, Korea, the Democratic Republic of Korea. BL

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