Timo Strategic Cooperation With Mambu To Expand Its Business Scale

Timo has just announced strategic cooperation with Mambu to take advantage of the benefits of the core banking platform based on SaaS cloud technology to increase business scale. CEO Timo - CEO Timo said: core banking platform Based on cloud technology provided by Mambu is evaluated with top quality on the market. We choose Mambu with a comprehensive service pack from AWS to support business scale expansion, as we see true values that SaaS core banking platform can help Timo promote strengths as well as Add confidence in realizing its true potential in the coming time. Cooperation at the same time as Mambu and AWS also allow Timo to achieve many benefits from a variety of most suitable technology applications, tastes Full use of the available benefits of the dedicated platform for banking banks, thereby helping Timo affirm its leading position in the journey to change the banking industry in Vietnam. Mr

. Myles Bertrand - Conditioner Mambu in the Asia Pacific region, through this cooperation, Mambu will accompany Timo to bring the rapid development and make a real difference in providing banking services in Vietnam market. Experts assessing, Finance Finance - Banking in Vietnam will also have many opportunities for development in the future If you can access the customer without a bank account or upgrade the experienced service in the direction of personalization creating new and breakthroughs, helping Vietnam become potential markets to attract water investment. In addition to (FDI), especially in the field of digital financial banking
Because of that, Mr. Pham Quang Minh - General Director of Mambu Vietnam said Mambu is committed to continuing to invest in Vietnam market to support the Bank and financial institutions, from which can help them convert traditional infrastructure, improve digital capacity and bring personalized customer experiences.

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