‘tip’ Driving Speed Helps To Save The Most Fuel

When going to school, drive cars with speeds of 50, 60 or 90 km / h will be the most fuel economy? The answers are answered immediately by experts and readers instead of <: 00/3: 56 namsau domain questions "Driving speed how many km / h will save the most fuel?" Of Nguyen Tung readers Son (in An Duong, Hai Phong) is posted by VietNamNet, many readers have commented to share their own experiences as well as "Tick" so that the automotive car saving the most gas. When driving at a high rate will cost gasoline than moving at an average speed due to a high-tassel, plus a large air resistance. However, how much is the driver with the most economical to have a lot of different comments. There are different opinions related to the topic "How much is the speed drive is the most fuel economy?". Hoang Dung readers analyzed, when the car ran very low, the capacity of the vehicle was mainly to win the friction force including the interior of friction and friction, but when he ran high, the machine capacity was born must win the air force

. So when high-speed running will be very fuel, however, the time will be shortened. "Under Vietnamese road conditions, according to my most economical speed for cars of 80-90km / h , longer trucks are 50-70km / h custom vehicle load ", this reader concludes. Love with the opinion, Tran Binh readers:" Move at the speed of 80-90km / h and legs Stable stability, not pedaling and limiting the brake will help our car save the most
Also pump tire tension and remove unnecessary items from the car "ON A Other, Manh Ha readers think:" My car runs the station, then at a speed of 60-70km / h is the secretion Best gas saves with a clock on the clock of only 4.3 liters / 100 km. If it goes more than 70 km / h, it can be reported to 6-7 liters / 100km ". Account named HP, said that, it should maintain speeds of about 70-80km / h and combined with features Cruise Control When traveling on the road, the highway will save the most gas. "My SUV has a self-esteem of 1.75 tons; 2.4L gasoline machine; 6-speed automatic transmission and can switch to number 6 at the speed At 60km / h, the speed of consumption is at least in the range of 70-80km / h ", this reader cited. Many other opinions also said that with tourist cars with small cylinder capacity The speed helps to save the most fuel only at about 50-60 km / h. If running to over 70km / h, the fuel consumption can increase 1.5 times according to the parameters displayed on the clock
, with just a question but there are dozens of answers with many different options from readers. Change with VietNamNet, Assoc. Ram Hoang Phuc - Deputy Head of Cars and Specialized Vehicles (Institute Aerodynamics, Hanoi Polytechnic University) said that the nature of fuel consumption will be Belicly in the number of rotation of the engine (Round fringing machine). Each model has a different specification (engine type, cylinder capacity, capacity, ...), so there will be areas of making areas Different fuel efficiency and saving.PGS.Ts Dam Hoang Phuc (Photo: TP) "Most gasoline engines work the most optimal and economical in the range of 1,200-1,600 rpm, while oil machines There are spaces and less stable but most are less than 2,000 rpm. This rotation speed combined with the type of gearbox mounted on each vehicle will produce a different fuel-saving velocity range. ", The expert analyzes. Reality, with the same rewind and operating conditions Each vehicle also gives different speeds. With 2,000 rpm, there are vehicles that can reach speeds of over 90 km / h, but also cars only reach about 60 km / h. To save fuel, PGS.TS Dam Hoang Phuc advises the driver always maintaining a rewinding ring at less than 2,000 rpms / minute; Keep stabilizing speed, avoiding "fast pedal, folding brakes" when driving; At the same time, regular maintenance and maintenance of their cars in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. HOANG HOUSE Has any perspective (or experience) on the above issue? Leave comments under the comment section. All shares, questions please send to the Motorbike Automotive Board by email: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn. The appropriate content will be posted. Thank you!

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