Tips On A Long Fragrant Perfume

Choosing a bottle of perfume with a good smell, how to keep the longest fragrant perfume on the body is both an art of: 00/4: 17 nam1. At the time of spraying hoatheo perfume experts, the most ideal moment to spray perfume is as soon as you just bathed. At this point, your body is in a clean and humid state, which will make perfume molecules easily put into the skin. In addition, the air around you was just showered is covered by a thin steam floor, so when the perfume sprayed from the bottle mouth will easily spread out and cover more. As a result, you will have a long-term incense layer that has spread evenly on the body

. Take advantage of the principles for spraying perfume on the whole body to just spray a few "critical" positions. Skin areas with thin circuits will be thin, close to blood vessels and are hotter than other regions on the body, the smell of perfume will follow the blood vessels they help stretch and spread the scent throughout the body. So spray perfume into 8 positions "prostitutes" that helps fragrance longer like after ears, nape, chest, waist, wrist, navel, in the thighs, elbow
Illustration3. Don't forget the perfume's clothing on clothes or collar areas is also a way to keep your perfume incense longest. Fabrics, especially natural fibers like wool and cotton will help keep perfume scent longer. However, you should not spray perfume on silk fabric because it will change color.4. Equipment on hair is also a great place to keep the fragrance. However, you shouldn't spray straight into the hair because the alcohol is in aromatic oil capable of causing the hair to dry. After that, wait 2-3 seconds for alcohol to evaporate and use it to comb the hair. This movement helps distribute aroma throughout the tops and does not cause them to be damaged. Moisturizing Dacmenting for skin moisture not only makes it smooth and smooth skin to create a good environment to lock the scent to stay with you longer
When dry skin, incense seeds will tend to absorb and "evaporate" quite quickly. So apply an odorless moisturizing lotion layer before spraying perfume to absorb perfume essences in the most maximum way. Illustration6. The masonry class Vaseline maybe the girl should have a vase of Vaseline with him because this assistant is too effective. Not only helps nurturing lips, nails, hair care, ... Vaseline is also the perfect layer of background to extend the scent. On hot summer days do not want to nourish, you just need to apply a thin Vaseline layer to spray perfume. In this way, your body will not be uncomfortable by excess moisturizing that perfume still has enough moisture to cling to position.7. Don't rub the wrist after spraying the habit of creating the classic mistake of many girls is spraying perfume on the wrist and rubbing. However, this will break the perfume molecules that cause the smell and accidentally causing the smell to fly faster. How to spray the fragrant perfume is only a light dot on the body or to dry naturally after spraying.8. Spray just enough flowers just use the right place and enough is very fragrant. Spraying too much not only causing waste that would probably turn you into the "scent monster" that makes the people around unpleasant to face. For the whole body aroma in a gentle way, spray perfume ahead and then gently step through the mist.9. Bring cotton or mini perfume to be assured that you will always have aroma when you have to go out for a long time. You should bring mini perfume or extract perfume bottles to reuse again when feeling the scent gradually. Or put it softer, you can carry cotton pads that penetrate perfume into a compact handbag to use the whole day. 10. Synchronizing the scent If you want your favorite scent to promote your gravity, you should use the whole set: Exfoliating, shower gel, body cream, perfume, oil, even production Hair care products ... with smell. Thus will not be afraid that each product has a different scent mixed on the skin that transforms the perfume. At the same time doing the scent also kept on the skin longer.11. Preserving perfume properly Preserving perfume jars to make an important contribution to keeping the quality of scent always passionately as when you buy. Therefore, to prevent perfume to change the smell, reduce quality or even damaged you should leave perfume in a dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight. Ideal places to store perfume like in boxes, in drawers or refrigerators. If you use large size perfume - about 30ml or more, you should extract them to smaller capacity bottles (3- 5ml) to avoid oxidized perfumes (if you use, open a lot of perfume caps) and have changed components ./. CTV dance / by fashion.g

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