Tips On Money In The 5 Important Stages Of Life A Girl: The End Of Pain But Right!

Making a money-oriented money is not rich in hand cheats of practical financial advice for each phase of life after 9: 00/3: 45 male silver men are not all, but it is still a very important tool weight in life. Especially when you're going through big changes, greatly affecting future future such as applying for jobs, changing jobs, marriage, childbirth ... Not including, usually in every house, women are always People "hand braces" - hold all revenues

. So even if at any age, understanding money, with the right view as well as planning for large goals is never redundant with the sisters. Here are financial advice Practical for each milestone of life that any girl needs to know about 1. The first time to work hard to work hard everyone only bothered the salary that the company gave
However, it is not necessarily your official income because you will also have to subtract other taxes before holding money into your hand. It is best to consider how much this number is to start with financial plans. First, you must prepare your urgent fund. The initial number can be 1 million, 3 million, 5 million ... depending on your income. Then gradually raise up to 10 million, 20 million or equal to 3 - 6 months of your salary. Only when there is a backup like this, you can rest assured that I will be fine, don't fall into the financial crisis if there is a problem. When I went to work and paid, in addition to backup for life - debt Is the next thing you need to solve
Focusing on handling high interest rate debts and then tragic debts, after paying off the debt of your financial burden will also be mild. Changing the place when you have a new job, meaning your income will also have a lot of changes, so you have to re-plan the entire financial plan. Let's start considering official income, essential expenses change less with a new environment. Check all kinds of insurance, convert or buy more if necessary. Next, this stage should also think about to reserve and save for the long-term, long-term goals of life. If your income has declined, tighten the expenses to ensure the guarantee Live is not too difficult and hard in the near future. If your income increases, try to keep the old living standard and spend more money for savings and investment. Coming soon to step into marriage, it is an important milestone with the best of human life, not only the aspects of life that finance also changes completely. If you just have to worry about yourself now the financial responsibility will be shared, the bid with the other half. Try to frankly, transparent in the money before getting married to avoid the conflicts after. You need to sit down to talk about spending habits, income levels, debt, the next savings or financial goals. Next, talk about the views of both in money, from which you and your husband can completely learn, more experience from the opponent's wise spending.4. Prepare your child, raise the children to raise a child is not small. Ever since pregnancy you had to consider having to be born in any hospital, how much money package ... to suit the most family finance. Then the monthly fixed costs such as milk, diapers, clothes, medical care and a series of sundric expenditures every day should be estimated before. This will help you avoid difficulties and surprise When welcoming a new member in the family. At the same time, this is a way for moms to lighten thoughts, stay away from birth after birth.5. The divorce has no one desires but they still have to happen, not only have to accept and overcome that we need to prepare a lot of things to continue on the remaining path. In this stage, you need Create proper decisions, build and master its own finance. Make spending budgets, emergency funds, savings and a wide range of new financial goals. Ensure money after separation is still clearly transparent, separate "your" and "my" as soon as possible. Photo: General

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