Tips To Help Chinese-old Chinese Language Only With Cheap Things

Unexpectedly with a simple and less money-consuming trick, you can look children a few dozen years of age as yang Chinese stars, Trieu Quan ... after observing many photos of Chinese stars It can be realized that an important key point helps their photos look younger a lot. It is the ears

. A face, but if revealing the ears, the face will look slimmer. A face corner, but if he reveals the ears, the style of Jennie Kim is also different. Because why children look naive nor can separate from their big ears
The ears are not large according to age, while the face gradually becomes larger, it looks like small ears in the month. It can see Young people look so young as part to reveal big and white ears. big eyes, small face, a pretty white white ear is also the advantage of actress.che goes to white ears, positively looking older older. Really trimmed face is quite round But if revealing the ears, the face rate looks a lot more compact, the gas is also different. So the secret for those who want the face to be less round, reveal the ears. How do I get as much as possible in ear pictures as possible? There are 3 simple tips. With those who have no ears that are not lined up on both sides, how to reveal the ear when taking a picture, helping the face more neat as in the picture? I can use Silicon chest pads, quite a clear effect, soft silicon helps us not hurt, just use cheap type. A small part like an ear shape, coasting hair to paste after the ear. When sticking, stick to the root The ear as much as possible, put the thick lining inside and the thin exterior
Because colored chest stickers are similar to the skin, they don't look at the results quite clearly. I have soft and tight ears that can also use small hair accessories to embrace your ears to highlight your ears . For example, a letter clip and a bandage.ghim a side of the hair behind the ear, the hair part will play the role holding the ears facing and standing out more. To make the ear more prominent ears, you can also Use earrings to increase its presence. Big earrings create a very clear effect for the face, you can choose your own style. Can also use ear clamps, installed on the ear rims, to increase attention to the ears. Very suitable for tying hair. You watch the video: "MINZY shows off sexy looks". FBNV source (TH)

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