Tips To Keep The Safe Distance On The High Speed That The Driver Needs To Know

When driving on highways, many drivers have a habit of 'tailing' the front car, creating high continuous accidents if the car is a sudden deceleration. So how to keep the safe distance. The most important problem when you control the car on the highway is that the driver must always maintain a safe distance for the car ahead. To do this, the driver needs to learn how to estimate the distance between the cars they are controlling and the car moves ahead to keep the safety distance and speed specified on the highway. Car can practice and do this in the following ways: rule 5 seconds: choose a fixed point on the road and observe the car before surfing through the point where you have chosen, start counting from 1 - 5 seconds

. If you have counted to 5 but your car has not passed or just just reached the point where you selected, the distance between your car and the car ahead is now considered safe enough for you to handle the love Emergency. The car on the high speed is that the driver must always maintain a safe distance for the front of the 3-second switch: This is a common method that everyone needs to know whether it is moving in any Which way is. The nature of this rule is based on the computing calculations on the rider's reflection speed, the momentum of the vehicle after braking so that the car can stop completely and avoid collisions
You can calculate based According to the following formula: Take the velocity of the car with 3 and divide 10, the result of this calculation will be the minimum distance meter you need to hold between your car and the car ahead. For example, if traveling at a speed of 100km / h, the minimum distance with the front car will be 100 x 3/10 = 30m. However, when moving in bad weather conditions (fog, rain, sugar Slippery) or limited vision, you should increase this safe distance. If you rely on signs of the sample sample distance right to identify the actual distance to hold 2 cars, just look at the number plate of Car ahead, but note only applies when going into the day and in normal weather conditions. Specifically, if you absolutely cannot read the number on the license plate ahead, the distance of 2 cars is very safe or if you see the number but blur, you are still holding a relatively safe distance with the front car. If you can clear each number on the number of vehicle number in front of the two cars This is not safe and you need to reduce the speed to the distance of 2 farther vehicles. By Thu Ha, 37 minutes ago

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