Tips To Recover The Skin After The Party

At the end of the year is a beautiful day that can go play at night, drink some wine or a wine mixed with wine, and this can lead to dry skin, lack of vitality. So what tips will help you have a stretch of stretching skin back? 0: 00/3: 29 Night Night, Going out late at the dryness of the winter, plus drinking alcohol or furniture Drinking cocktails containing alcohol at the end of the year as Christmas or New Year can harm women's skin as well as overall overall health. Dry skin is dried, lack of vitality is what you can suddenly see When he watched himself in front of the mirror when he woke up the next morning. For those who missed the cup, there was a feeling of headache, hangover, tired after a dinner party. In fact, alcoholic beverages are the worst to destroy our skin including instant or long-term parties

. After a party at night, the skin will unexpectedly the alcoholic drink affects the skin How does your alcoholic drink affect the skin in different ways, rarely positive. The most serious impact is causing dehydration, causing the skin to become dry, wrinkled, lack of vitality. The impact of dehydration also affects your entire body
According to Jennifer Rock skin care expert, alcohol is a diuretic substance. When drinking alcohol, you will go to the toilet more, leading to a dehydrated body, reducing the skin's moisture. "When your body dehydrates, your skin as well as other agencies in the body try my best Strength to hold water, leading to the appearance of puffiness ", TS.BS Kaywaan Khan, medical director at Hannah London said. The skin causes skin infections, so alcoholic beverages are the enemies of the skin. In addition, alcohol also causes free radicals, causing the skin to be aging early, the skin care professional Megan Felton said. But sleep is very important for our skin beauty and progress. Its impact adds wrinkles. "Hollow calories in some drinks can contain a lot of sugar, causing sugar compounds such as glucose, fructose, etc. Horns collagen make the skin become more wrinkled
Which drink is the biggest enemy of the skin? Experts agree that drinks containing many sugars are the enemy of the skin of the skin. " Increasing insulin, stimulating production of sebum, can cause pimples ".Theo Ts.khan, including red wine is also the enemy of the skin by liberating histamine, causing blushing, especially Make the girls who are easy to give birth to acne will look no more attractive. The rear skin recovers the skin or despite there are several ways to minimize the harmful effects of late play, drinking alcohol on the beauty of the skin , prevention is still a good way. Also, there are some tips to "save" the skin for girls or partying. As, Felton experts suggest when going to bar or club, you should drink A glass of filtered water interrupts the coctail or alcohol, to avoid dehydration. Although some of the girls didn't seem to like this, but surely you will have a cool white skin on the next day. A other tip is never going to bed but leave the makeup (whether you have Go home late). After removing the makeup, apply a layer of moisturizer for the skin. Best, apply the night skin care mask to return the smooth look for the skin. Oksana-Georgia M makeup also advises her or go to the bar or to the night clubs should eat well Before going, to help the body "digest" better alcohol. "Doing so, the amount of alcohol you drink will have to go through the gastrointestinal gastrointestinal tract along with food, thus reducing the impact of alcohol on the body and skin. The most important thing is to choose drinks Suitable for healthy health as well as your face beauty, don't let the fun parties destroy your beauty. Nguyen Van

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