His heart was hit by lightning, his eyes faded, he no longer heard what she said, miserable! It took 5 seconds he could go back to the story, he was about to ask her so much. In: 00/3: 03 South "There are the more expectations, the more and more and more. So meaningless "this season is so sunny, he holds a bottle of water in front of it. - Do you drink water, I buy it in your refrigerator, drink it and then do it. Forgot with thanks: - Disease! Today knows about me! Thank you, the class you're going to finish, I've been so tired, but I'm so unfamileed

. "I'm done, I'm done, she goes to the tree across the tree to rest, everything remains Leaving me. Laughing at nodded eyes seemed to agree. The torture is a student in another district that has tried to take this school, sitting school with a fighting rate of 1 vs 70, he is unexpected That is a decision and effort to change your suffering later
Lower, she is greater than a course, with the eager of learning and dynamic love with the natural beauty. Love losing the heart of his new age, and lowering him as his brother. The night falls, in the static space of the room with a boy who is a blanket of blankets with a big blanket waiting for waiting Message from a daughter who whispered, was very much, all things in the sky under the sea. - Later I will definitely marry you, certain that person must be me, I will pick you up in my eyes Graves of hundreds of people, they will envy V With the daughter beside me. Laughing in my heart: - Remember the mouth, I will wait until that day, you won't pick you up and I love you like to get anyone! My heart is happy like hatching flowers, night He woke up to think of a happy shore, a warm fire in hatching in his lap. It's beautiful! Lower unexpectedly that the sentence has chosen into the devileps of hope, trying to himself, he must try to try because she took the wholeity, with the jokes Lookless but with my death is a love plate. Friendship but ... Let me accidentally! The time has passed, then one day and he goes to drink her milk tea: - Today Mr
Hoang She asked her in love. He was like a lightning, his eyes faded, he no longer heard what she said, miserable! It took 5 seconds he could return to the story, he was going to ask her very much: * Then she answered? Do you agree? Heard that guy has a lover? * But absolutely, he didn't say it, gave a cold smile to answer a brief but heavy sentence: ah ... Tattooing towards the school gate, he coldly pulled the cigarette from the bag softly lit a cigarette, she rushed: - Why do you smoke? Do you see you smoke ever, leave it yet, I have no ban on the worship. Thinking about it, its whole world is being tired by a man in front of a man who can't do anything more, but it is impartial that his brother is tired or lovingly fails .Ha said: - Are you tired? So we go back. - Yes! Go to the normal room, you will text her informing about safety after every go to play, but this time is not, not any message ... nothing. According to the country

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