Tired Of Having Too Much Money In The Account, Winners Of 15 Billion Lottery Offered Almost All

A winner of nearly $ 1 million in Australia (over VND 15 billion) was unable to stand ... there was a lot of money, so it was quietly donated by that amount to get normal life as before. But the fact that he bought the winning lottery ticket was also very 'supernatural'

.0: 00/2: 32 nam nuoc and the winner who wins the jackpot lottery will want to hide, not let everyone know because they don't like to get anyone, but The winner of this Australian lottery is hidden for a complete reason. Peter Charleton, 47 years old, in Victoria (Australia), bought some lottery tickets in a very "supernatural" situation: in August / 2020, Uncle To forget on the roof of a small knife that his uncle Charlie (lost) was very liked. Then he drove a whole watch home, but when he came home, he saw the knife still lying on the roof
Feeling this like a "miracle", Uncle Peter decided to buy lottery. I'm lucky, Uncle Peter decided to buy lottery. Artwork: Mail Online. Buy 3 TATTSLOTTO lottery tickets and download lottery apps for phones to compare. The first 2 tickets were not hit, to the 3rd sheet, hit. Unable to believe in my eyes, Uncle Peter also deleted the app, reset and realized that he hit the real. Uncle's winning money is 896,511 Australian dollars (over VND 15 billion). However, Uncle just told some relatives in the house. After 17 days, the bonus was transferred to Uncle Peter's account. But weird, I didn't feel happy
Peter tells the My Big Story (My big story): "I don't feel comfortable to keep all such big money," I should decide to give it. Peter when winning. Photo: Ds. Message for your friends on Facebook, ask them the bank account number and to give them a little money. Even if you have any cafes, cafes and pay for certain random customers. Now, Uncle Peter revealed his story and said that he wanted to "escape" from the number That money before anyone knows that he hits the lottery, so that life can be completely normal as before. I just kept myself right one to pay the house's money and bought a old car. Until now, Uncle Peter still affirmed that he didn't regret it about giving it almost all money. Peter said: "Life is kind and can help others make us happy. And if you're lucky to have money to help others, I think only crazy don't help ". Peter has just told her story. Photo: Seven.The Uncle Peter, his uncle Charlie must have "a little relevant" to the winning lottery, because Charlie is alive, Uncle Peter is a caregiver. At that day, Charlie told Peter: "Someday, we will win the lottery". So, Uncle Peter said that Charlie would be pleased to see her grandchildren who won the real lottery, and helped many others with that money.

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