Titi Into A Pair With Du Uyen, Compared To The Ton Kinh Lam Team At ‘funny 5th’

Paired with Du Uyen, Titi wearing the same style of Fangirl's fangirl soul with a beautiful son of Ton Kinh Lam, Nguyen Dat at Thursday. This 5 weeks welcome the participation of the two teams : Titi - Du Uyên and Ton Kinh Lam - Nguyen Dat.Veulfed with the female singer Du Uyen, Titi chose to give me a youthful style but equally elegant. White, former member HKT group cleverly pressed by the fabric coat tweed with eye-catching pattern.Titi and Du Uyen

. Photo: CTCCKHI MC Quoc Bao asked about the strength to win the war, the handsome singer did not hesitate to answer as a physical force. "My physical force is very evil". SO Ke with the team with two singers who own many hits are two faces of the bright actor
If the sutra is less said in the introduction, Nguyen Dat improvises poetry and confidently about these six-bodies It will do it, and Nguyen Dat. in the first round is to challenge agility and knowledge. Although I have to turn the elephant tap, ride a beam with lightning speed to win the right to answer the question, but the names of this episode still exudes the radiant shift. Lam Lam Lam and Nguyen Dat on the target and recorded Two correct answers. Titi and Du Uyen despite many times to bell but only answer a question. Under the first round, Ton of Ton Kinh Lam - Nguyen Dat received 20 points and the remaining team was 10 points. . After booting for hot body, the guests step through the game to challenge higher. Specifically, a member will throw rounds and a member using chopsticks catch, then will throw in the pillars placed . The two enthusiastic teams bet the number of rounds achieved to take a higher score
After gradually raising the betting number, Titi's team's team goes to Titi's team ahead with 12 rounds. Unbelievable, after three minutes of effort and try, Titi and Du Uyen only recorded four rounds. And that is also the honor number of long-legged male actors. Because it does not meet the challenge so no team does not score points. The guests decide the champion by singing exactly from missing or reversing according to each question package. In four packages of questions, Ton's team Kinh Lam completed the package of 30 points and Titi's team was better with a package of 40 points. With each other's results, both teams entered the last chance and Du Uyen fully demonstrated my mother's song with sweet voice Different, internal relatives. Italian cafeteria through three rounds, Titi and Du Uyen enrolled the winning team and carrying all 10 million bonuses from the program.Titi and Du Uyen. Thursday weekly on THVL1.Phi Long channel

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