Tnv Sent People: ‘we Wear Masks Should Say Loudly, Please Don’t Get Angry’

Wearing a mask, must be a big voice, the volunteer group is afraid of her, I went to the misunderstood vaccination so I wrote the explanation of the 1.00: 00/2: 08Nam Southern region of 4 days ago, Vaccine Covid-19 injection site at the urinary school Study Phan Chu Trinh (Phu Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) appears a sheet of paper is glued to the wall with the content: "We wear a mask should speak aloud, not LA. She, uncle, You, I would like to be angry but I am poor, I love you "with Zing, Nguyen Hoang My (born in 1999), a volunteer (volunteer) at the injection point, said this is the message that the group wants to send Come to the people because I was misunderstood by everyone. "This paper was pasted by a member of our group. You, I went to the sight

. We hope you, I'm more sympathetic TNV's mission, we just want everyone to get the fastest vaccination, the most convenient, "the US shares. The paper tells the people at the vaccination site. America adds a volunteer group at the vaccination point crawl The primary Phan Chu Trinh has more than 50 members
The main task of the group is coordinating, guiding people to declare medical and filtering paper to conduct vaccines. Every day, the group is present at the vaccination point at 6:00, all of the tasks to 11:30 to break rest. In the afternoon, the group shared with jobs to 18 hours. There are busy days, to 22h, new members can go home. Some TNVs are duty at the Vaccine Covid-19 vaccine at Phan Chu Trinh elementary school. Hot weather and long time waiting for a long time, Many people who come to injections are tired and impatient. Understanding that, the US and volunteer group members tried to coordinate smoothly, and hoped to have collaboration from people to the most rapid vaccination. "The early days of volunteering against Translation, I have no experience, so I have a lot of awkward situations. Now get used to work, I can be more calmful. Most of you, I went to the injection very cute, but there were some hot people
At the same time, we will gently talk to ease the situation, hoping for her, unleashed to complete the injection, "US share. From April 27 to August 16, Ho Chi Minh City There are 152,627 cases of Covid-19, which is the province with the highest number of cases in the country. nose. 500,000 people over 65 years old and have background diseases have been injected.

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