To Eat ‘tet’ Full Moon In July Unique Only In Vietnam

The 7-lunar lunar lunar calendar in the concept of Vietnamese people has 2 big ceremonies of Vu Lan and the harvest. Therefore, many parts of the full moon watched in July like Tet, 'eat' very large with very own ways, strange, strange, there is a unique. Tin Bong Cha's death of Thai people in Lai Chau: in full moon July Thai lunar calenders held offs his grandparents, ancestors early in the morning of 14. The family must calculate the number of people who have lost to get the "cut" color paper for each one of the clothes and grab the paper and gold paper fold into boats In order to take off the loss of the ancestor, the family also made a tray of aura, earth and a tray outside the terrace for the road, the mammoth does not enter the house of enjoyment. Thai people have a long, in the ceremony Little and small grandchildren both carry a ceremony to celebrate the parents and grandparents

. When he arrived bowed to be a gratitude to the births of the people. Especially, to 15 lunar calendars, Thai people organized offerings offerings, ie worshiping his wife's parents. The offering ceremony must be carried out outside the house, so the family is a small house outside the garden to show off the rates of the rates in Lao Cai: July in July in the concept of the raider is a big Tet
This Tet is usually held on the afternoon of 14/7 lunar calendar. According to the full moon offering in July, the raider held the offering ceremony to the ancestor with the will of health, peace and prosperity for the family. Ceremony ceremony are thoughtful as: boiled chicken, pork, dignified rice, soup ... especially families organize a cake package to offer the ancestors. One makes a difference in The seven-year-old full moon ceremony is that they buy colored paper on to cut gold money, clothes and goods in accordance with their traditional ethnic costumes. Besides, the ceremony of the beings are offered by the people at the time of 21 - 22h night. The ceremony procedure is simply plugged from compressing incense into a place in front of the lane, then mixing the sticky, porridge, pork, soup, sprinkle along the foot of the incense and then the ceremony of the Tay, Nung : In the concept of the Tay and Nung ethnic groups, the full moon day in July is an opportunity to report. Traditionally, the daughter and son-in-law will bring a ceremony to visit foreigners to show gratitude to the parents' cities
The word "Pân Tàm" in Tay Tay is so meaningful. On close to full moon, every job is paused to prepare for hemp and ducks to worship the ancestors and prepare feasts to "go re-" Foreign. Tay people often prepare gifts for their parents a pair of fat ducks, a dozen hemp cakes. The ancestral worship in the Calendar of the Tay ethnicity indispensable: Hemp, ducks and fruits. The Tay, Nung has a question: "Gongs of the heart, the body of the pit" (ie: Lunar New Year to eat chicken, Tet July eat duck meat). Ducks are indispensable in the tray of full moon offerings Their July because according to the legend of the duck people is Muong Tran Time messenger with MưU. The duck with a duck with a rooster crossing the sea (mosaica) to go to the Milky Porcelain on the full moon day in July every year, leaving the rainwater rain, bumper crops for farmers. Welcome to the video: 3 Heads of Dong Nai Police Department. Source Thdt.Thu Ha (TH)

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