To Keep Your Sister’s Shape Just Practice 5 This Exercise For 15 Minutes

What are you hesitant without rehearing the exercises below? 0: 00/2: 01 NAM1. Squat · Place the foot wide with hips and wide with shoulders. · Squat down but don't go forward. Hold down the heel and butt in parallel with the ground. · Step back to the original position

. · Put a leg forward and drop the other leg after you lower your knees to the ground. · Let's go back and repeat the dynamic The rest with the rest. Step forward and rush back to the other leg until the knee touches the ground
· Perform in 45 seconds and break 15 seconds. Complete 3 turns.2. Anti-push · Stand up straight and bend the hip and then put their hands on the floor only a few centimeters (shoulder-wide separated apart). · Put the hands forward until in a push posture. · Implement anti-movement Push and walk with two hands and return to the standing position. · Perform in 45 seconds, break 15 seconds. Implement 3 turns.3. Touching your knees and shoulders · Starting with Plank posture, putting the foot a little wider than hips
Take your left hand to the right shoulder and bring it back to the floor. · Repeat the same moves with the right hand to the left shoulder. · Take your hand to touch your left knee. Return to the original position. · Repeat with the right knee and left hand. · Then perform the anti-push movement. · Perform in 45 seconds, break 15 seconds. Implementation 3 times.4. Sitting waist · Sitting on the ground. CO knees up and remain the same as the word "V". A hand holding the water bottle, turns the waist to the left. · Then turn the waist to the opposite side. · Perform this move for 45 seconds, leave 15 minutes. Implementation 3 times.5. Foot bottle exercises · Take a bottle (the greater the diameter as possible) and millet between the legs, at the bottom of the pants. · Put the foot as a parallel and as close as possible. Squeeze your bottle. · Move your back to the round position and then straight by pulling the pelvic backwards and tightening the abdominal muscles. · Make exercises gradually and slowly. No need to add strength and stretch the knee. · First leave the bottle of water under the crotch and pressed with the thigh. Next put in the middle, between the pants and two knees, squeeze with the knees and thighs. The last position is between the two knees. Huyen - According to Brighttsde

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