Toan Of China When Promoting Cooperation In The Middle East

In the context of the US Transfer focus to Asia - Pacific, China has promoted cooperation with Middle East countries such as Iran and Iraq, so what is Beijing's calculation? According to South China Morning Post Day 19-8, China is promoting a bigger role in the Middle East to fill the power gap here. Push relations with Iran, IraqIn the phone with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Mr. Episode said Trung National will support Iran's "legitimate requirements" in nuclear program negotiations and coordinate with this country in regional issues. Chinese President episode. Photo: Reuters "Regardless of how the international situation and the region change, China will steadily develop friendly relations with Iran

. The two sides need to continue to support each other about beneficial issues related to beneficial issues The core and the main core and concerns of each other "- Chinese President stressed on the NEW 18-8, Mr. Tap had a telephone with President Iraq Barham Salih, saying China will support efforts Reconstruction of the country. This is the latest move of Beijing to strengthen its position in the region
It is completely opposite to the rise of the US in the Middle East, after the US gradually completes the process of withdrawal from Afghanistan. Pustrootive cooperation in the Middle East day 17-8, China's special envoy Middle East Zhai Jun has repeated two visits this year by the Foreign Minister of the Foreign Affairs of the Foreign Affairs. , Iran's nuclear agreement and peace in the Middle East reflected "the willingness to protect international justice and resolving conflicts and disputes to contribute Chinese intellect to the long-term stability in The area ". Dong Zhai said China will work with Middle East countries to build a" collective security mechanism "for the region." In the future, China is willing to work with countries In the Middle East in strengthening cooperation against pandemic, preserving fairness and justice, building collective security and building partnerships at the CA level O "- Mr. said. China is one of the few countries that maintains a good relationship with Arab countries as well as Israel and Iran. Beijing said the Territory sovereignty of Syria should be respected and opposed to all efforts to change the regime in the country of war devastating. In the past few months, China has strengthened the influence in the region. The country offers to help Middle East countries fight Covid-19 pandemic and promote negotiations on a free trade agreement between Beijing and Gulf Cooperation Council
Regarding the Iran, China has pledged to strengthen relations with Tehran and oppose sanctions aiming at this country. Intended official figures, China is currently the largest trading partner of States Arabic, reaching nearly 24 billion USD in bilateral trade last year. This area is also the largest source of imported crude oil in China.Toan's calculation by Mr. Sun Degang - Expert on Middle Eastern issues of Phuc Lan University, China and the Middle Eastern countries are right The face with security challenges is increasing when the United States shifted the strategic center to Asia - Pacific. "The United States reduced its focus on the Middle East and moved to the Asia-Pacific region. , this is likely to lead to a power gap and security deficiency that causes a threat to China's security and investments, "said Sun, so China wants to be coordinated The "face-to-face" with the Middle East countries to prevent the risks may occur.

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