Today’s Calendar (september 15, 2021): What Are Things That Should Not Be Done During The Day?

What is the case today? Which direction does it take to trade for the promotion? What is the sound schedule today? Today's calendar (September 15, 2021): What are the things that should not be done during the day? Calendar day: 15-9-2021 days Lunar calendar: 9-8-2021 days of the month of Dinh Roosh year of the New Year of the Master: Exporting the globe to avoid, though it is very expensive and limited to zodiac: Ty (23-1) (1 -3), Thin (7-9), Ty (9-11), Odor (13-15), Tuat (19-21). The jobs should be done in the long zodiac long: Good for everything Germany: good for Every divine spirit: good for worshiping, sacrifice, proceedings, oan prizes as well as deducting bad stars. The jobs should not be done on August 9 Lunar Niem: Cavalry, wedding Burial or construction of the SA: The worst is least execution. Today's execution today is on the southwest direction to welcome 'HY DENT'. Exporting the main direction to welcome 'talent'

. The main direction of the South's main direction is met (bad). Export during the day from 11h-13h (Ngo) and from 23h-01h (Ty) is very good time, If you are often lucky. Trading and trading with words
The person who goes to go home. Women have good news. Everything in the house is mixed. If there is a demonstration, it will avoid, the family is strong. From 13h-15h (odor) and from 01-03h (use), the financial bridge is not beneficial, or or illegal. If leaving or hurt, in distress, it is important to blow, meet the devil should be sacrificed, it is new. From 15h-17h (Body) and from 03h-05h (gradually) every job is good, good Most financial bridge follow the southwest direction - the house is peaceful. The departure is peaceful. From 17h-19h (Rooster) and from 05h-07h (Maso) attempts to be difficult, Loc Bridge, Finance bridge. The best fox should be postponed
People who go far don't have news. Losing money, loss of if south is searching for fast and seeing. Controversy, contradictory or oral mouth. Slow, long-lasting jobs, but best of working need to be sure. From 19h-21h (Tuat) and from 07h-09h (Thin), please believe in the future, if Loc Bridge, Cau Tai will go south. Going to meet a lot of luck. The person goes on. If livestock encountered convenience. From 21h-23h (Hoi) and from 09h-11h (Family) or debate, quarrel, causing hunger, must take precautions. The best offset should postpone. Human curse room, avoid spreading the disease. In general things like meetings, debates, concerns, ... should avoid going this hour. If you have to go on this time, you should keep your mouth to cause a scuffle or quarrel. This day is 15-9-1939: The Revolutionary Nguyen Chi Thieu died. He was born in 1908, in Phu Mau Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien - Hue Province.15-9-1945: In Hanoi, Vietnam News Agency was established under the name of Vietnam Newsletter.15-9 -1945: President Ho Chi Minh signed the order to establish a military department in the Military Department. Since then 15-9 becomes a traditional day of the Vietnam military team.15-9-1973: Cabinos, the Prime Minister Cuba, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party to visit the region Southern Liberation.15-9-1976: Vietnam becomes the main member of the International Monetary Fund Organization (abbreviated as IMF) Thach Thao (TH)

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