Together With ‘spring Red Hair’ Crying With ‘apple Tree Blooming’

The audience of the 'blooming apple tree' suddenly met the national nature after 4 years of absence on the small screen. With his acting talent, the 'Spring Redhead' guy led the viewer to go through all the sad steps of family love, friendship in / 5/5: 30 namun's chatrong people The movie "apple tree blooming", the national nature of the country took on his shoulder, father of Hanh (Hong Lanh). Mr. Lan severely love children, likes to false, "eat" children to be interested. From the face, shape, gesture, his words made the audience impressed

. Baggy shirts in large motifs, khaki pants and sandals are meticulously searched by movies from older markets, contributing to a real "style" unicorn. An object but every time he appeared, the way he flirted with her groceries, sesame for children to eat giant crabs, go to eat hot pot and cure .
. all made the audience funny. It can be said, with a movie full of tragedies, stress, stifling like "apple tree blooming", then Mr. Lan is like a funny music, clearance to viewers from fatigue when watching throughout The journey of the film.Nse Norway plays the role of Mr. Lan in the movie "Apple tree blooming". But the depth, Mr. Lan is a lonely, he has a shoe repair shop in the alley, his wife loses soon, daughter go Get married, when he lived him alone. He also did not know how to express the love of a father, but only quietly observed, worried and understood. Throughout the day of the children do not report hospitably, don't let me eat giant crabs, but in the end he is the one who buys this dish for his children to replenish before
A shaggy, difficult but each time mentioned The wife left because of the old tyrant, he cried as a child. Hanh many times coal blame husband's house but Mr. Lan has never spreads grim with the son-in-law. Almonds who abandoned their home, he scolded his distant children, but not because of hating or hating their children, but he hoped his daughter knew the spouses to quickly heal, avoid losing marriage. Love little children but actually Mr. Lan is an enthusiastic person, loving the children. Thuan Hanh and Ngoc (Thai Hoa) decided to divorce, Mr. Lan made an appointment to see Ngoc. Although he was angry with his son-in-law but he kept the mild attitude, gently asked: "Are you going to divorce me?" When Ngoc confirmed, he didn't say anything, but his expression of lips twitching, his eyes and eyes, the hand squeezing a cup of wine and a compressed sigh was shown with the fast, helplessness of a father . Loving daughter but he is a person who understands. The saying "no feelings are nothing to say" His civilized thinking of an older parent. It is the choice of your children and he was forced to accept. Because of saying words to comfort her daughter or analyze anyone right anyone wrong, in the talks, he only encouraged Hanh to see the new happiness, Earn excuses for the feelings of Hanh and the friend who is pursuing her. He also found an ally at his grandson in supporting his mother to go. Seeing happiness to take care of taking jars when he knew that Ngoc was cancer, he ran to arrested. But the audience did not hate him floating, because he was too bad, he was suffering, suffering enough suffered . I saw that I didn't listen to the words, he fought: "What's wrong don't blame your father" and leave, but only a moment later returned to bring the crabs to the two couple to meet health ... The charm, relief, tolerance but the depth of the national NSS manor made Mr. Lan to leave a strong imprint in the audience's heart, making the viewer feel very real, very lived. "Outside, I In contrast to Mr. Lan "mentioning the national nature, people still remember the image of the skinny red-haired guy, flint in the movie" Red Number "(1990). Before the "red number", the national artist also affirmed the ability to acting through movies "Town at hand", "crime and love", "thunderstorm", "curse of the river" ... recently Especially the drama "judge". In addition to the actor's role, he succeeds in director with typical works such as "fallen leaf season", "puncture lane", "Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee", "President of the province", "Huong Soil "," Citizen citizens "... mentioning the national nsu ty, the audience will remember immediately to the red-haired character he used to play in the" Red Number "movie. "Apple tree blooming", the artist of the country shared: "Initially, when I received the director's invitation, I was also surprised because I lived outside the North, afraid to be far away because it was just a suppassable role. But after reading the script, I was very impressed. The apple tree blooms the topic of family familiarity but the script knows the problem, intertwining the situation is very smart to create novelty, attractive. So I accepted the participation. "Then it was, afraid of the movie" Dead ticket "so that he flew out so nationality suggested adjusting the spinning schedule, having the main contexts, so that saving and prosperity Convenient on both sides. The film turns during the Covid-19 translation season, so it is also difficult. Many days are returning to dissolve because

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