Tokyo Prohibits The Entire Audience At The Summer Olympics 2020

On July 8, the Organizing Committee of the Summer Olympics 2020 announced, the entire sporting event in Tokyo capital and some neighboring provinces would take place without an audience. The decision has never had a precedent given in the context of Pandemic Covid-19 in Japan still complicated movements. Illustration: Kyodotheo Kyodo, the decision mentioned above has placed an end to the Plan The audience limited directly to monitor the competition content, given at the online meeting on the same day between the International Olympic Committee Chairman (IOC) Thomas Bach, representatives of the Organizing Committee, the Paralympic Committee International (IPC), the Japanese Government and Tokyo City government. The President IOC Thomas Bach has confirmed the support for all necessary response measures for a safe Olympics for Japanese people and the entire attendees. The representative of the Seiko Hashimoto organizers also regretted that the 2020 summer Olympics must take place with many limitations, and apologize to the ticket units, as well as people who expect physical events This important sports

. Tokyo, the venues in Chiba provinces, Kanagawa and Saitama also said no to the audience. However, Fukushima provinces, Miyagi and Shizuoka still welcome the audience, with a maximum of 10,000 people. Ibaraki Prefecture will prohibit all common audiences, except students, while Hokkaido is still considering before making the final decision
For forbidden the audience is rated as a strong attack on the finance, when the side The Organizing Committee estimates that ticket sales will be up to 90 billion yen (equivalent to 820 million USD). Before the pandemic outbreak, 4.48 million tickets were sold, but the organizers later decided to refund the buyer. The previous version also banned foreign visitors to the country to follow the Olympics . The decision has affected related services such as hotels, restaurants, transportation ..., estimates causing damage of 151 billion yen (equivalent to 1.4 billion USD) .Thuong Nguyet

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