Top 10 Cars Sold Slowestly In Vietnam In June

According to the report of the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA), two Ford Explorer and Toyota Avanza cars do not consume any products in June 2021.0: 00/3: 40 nam1. Toyota Avanza: 0 car in June 2021, Japanese model Toyota Avanza has no vehicle consumed. Earlier, Toyota Avanza is also the lowest sales model in May 5/2021 with 2 cars sold in the month. Toyota Avanza distributed in Vietnam belonging to the latest upgrade, recently released by Japanese car company from the end of 2019

.2. Ford Explorer: 0 Cars like Toyota Avanza, American model Ford Explorer does not sell any vehicle in June before that, Ford Explorer also noted No. 0 units in May 5
Large luxury SUV Ford Explorer sold in Vietnam Original imported from the US has a listed price of VND 1,999 billion.. Toyota Granvia: 1 Xotoyota only sells 1 Granvia in June 62021. This model was distributed by Japanese car company in Vietnam since early June 2020 with two versions of nearly VND 3.1 billion. High selling price is the reason why Toyota Granvia is difficult to reach Vietnamese customers.4. ISUZU MU-X: 2 cars with the "brother" D-Max has just entered the new generation, ISUZU MU-X in Vietnam still does not have much noticeable changes. It is highly appreciated for durability, but the design of the poverty, poorness .
. is the reason why this 7-seat SUV model cannot compete. In June 2021, ISUZU MU-X sales reached 2 cars.5. Honda Accord: 4 Xesau nearly 2 years of Vietnam market launch, Honda Accord's new generation is still struggling to find guests. In June 6,2021, Honda Accord's sales reached only 4 vehicles, down 11 cars compared to May 5,2021. Currently Honda Accord in Vietnam is about 1.3 billion VND.6. Toyota Alphard: 6 cars with sales of 6 units (down 1 pcs compared to May), Toyota Alphard ranked in 6. Toyota Vietnam currently sells Alphard version 2021 with 2 options: white price 4,227 billion VND and the colors The remaining price of VND 4,219 billion.7.7. Toyota Hiace: 8 cars in June 2021, Toyota Hiace only sold 8 units. With 15 seats arranged into 5 rows of seats, Toyota Hiace is often used to do transportation and transportation services. Toyota Hiace sells to Vietnam market for VND 1,176 billion with 2 white and silver exterior color options.8. ISUZU D-MAX: 10 Xeisuzu D-MAX in Vietnam has entered the new generation. It was expected that the Japanese automaker was expected, however ISuzu D-Max still did not attract customers and compete with the opponents in the pickup segment. In June 2021, this selling sample sales only reached 10 cars, down 26 cars compared to May 5,2021.9. Suzuki Ciaz: 14 Taose the only B Sedan of this list, despite the effort to change the improvement from September 2020, Suzuki Ciaz sales are still quite poor. Suzuki Ciaz cars sold in Vietnam in June 6,2021 only reached 14 cars, up 2 cars compared to May 5,2021. The drip increase is not enough for Suzuki Ciaz to get rid of the list of cars sold at least in the market.10. Ford Tourneo: 14 XeFord Tourneo belongs to a large MPV segment, but has recently been developed by genuine in Vietnam in the market. Ford Tourneo was first debuted in Vietnam at the end of 2019. The car was distributed with 2 Trend and Titanium variants, the selling price of VND 999 million and VND 1,069 billion respectively.

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