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Big pores are the cause of skin that becomes less sharp, causing many people to lose confidence. Here's how to tighten pores effectively, simply at home hereque: 00/3: 04 Large feathered in the south is the cause of skin that becomes less sharp, not smooth and especially makes her I lost confidence when contacting others at close range. Besides, the pores are mainly caused to early aging for the skin. So the way to tighten pores is very interested in many people. Improper skin care; due to oil skin; leather lack of water; Steaming overheating or regular acne aspects are the cause of bigger pores

... In addition, unreasonable diet is also the cause of big pores
A diet of multi-line powder and fat will make the amount of slime secreted more, leading to loud pores. If the pores have missed the sky, the skin care every day to make them shrink will be very time consuming. Current ways of treating pores like spas or beauty salons. But in fact, not everyone has time, money to treat melasma this way. Here is a hint of 3 ways to tighten big pores at home who are most applied by many people. The pores are very interested. The image of the face to tighten pores with cucumbers is not only a lot of benefits to health, is a delicious, attractive food that is used in the processing of daily dishes, cucumbers There is also skin beauty effect, especially the way to tighten extremely effective pores. The tightening pores with cucumbers have two ways: 1: for cucumbers have been washed into the refrigerator cooler About 3 hours, then you take out, scrub into the first 2 heads, put the shell, cut the cucumber into a 4 cm, using a thin thin thin slices on the face, using a hand to accelerate 10 minutes, then lay relaxing for 20 minutes and washed the clean face with cold water, using a soft cotton towel to dry the face, performing 3 times / 1 week, the pores will gradually take it to the smooth skin , white bright suddenly. 2: Choose 2 fresh cucumbers, rinse, scrub with 2 heads, put the whole shell, put it into the pure water press machine and mix well with the juice of a lemon fresh (2 teaspoons of lemon juice) gets a homogeneous mixture. For this mixture into the ice tray, put into the freezing fridge compartment into stone
Then you give each cucumber stone - the fresh lemon mentioned into a soft cotton towel, thin and applied evenly on the face gently in the direction of 10 minutes and then washed the face with cold water and to dry the face, performing the day 2 times not only tightening the tears However, but also helps the skin become smooth and smooth white colors. The image will tighten the pores with lemons you should use the white mask to combine with lemon juice to tighten pores effectively. The minerals are from the whitening with the amount of natural acid of lemon juice to eliminate skin ore and treatment of inflammation, will fit pores. Quite simply, just separate the whiteness and put it in a few drops of lemon. After that, use a compound paper mask and fill up the face. To dry about 20 minutes, then wash the clean face with warm water, lemon with acidity should be limited to use a lot, only use 1 to 2 times / week.Theo Hoa Le / VietQ

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